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UNITE union talks of strike action against government


UNITE issues strike threat - "We have begun planning for a campaign of civil disobedience and industrial action that will make clear the level of anger and fortitude that exists among the people who political leaders have failed utterly.”

Anarchists and Gardaí agree over dangerous elements in the Crowds.


The WSM welcomes the statement by Chief Superintendent Michael O'Sullivan about the groups and individuals who wish to exploit the fact that thousands will be on the street tomorrow, and use that for their own ends.

WSM condemns police violence against students


The WSM has released a press statement condemning the Garda attacks on student protesters in Dublin today during which many students were injured by Garda batons.  We say that we need to stand together in this period of attack on our quality of life and futures. What is clear today that like elsewhere around Europe and the rest of the world, police repression will be used by the state to try an make our movements for social justice and equality fearful and less open and effective.

For an account of the protests as they happened with videos see Riot police attack students after they storm Department of Finance in Dublin

Tackling Wealth Inequality Must Become a Political Priority


The 1% Network has said that the tackling of wealth inequality must become a political priority.  Citing the TASC survey[i] published in mid-August which showed that 87% of Irish people believe that wealth is unfairly distributed, Gregor Kerr spokesperson for the 1% Network said: “It’s clear that ordinary people see tackling the unfair way in which wealth is distributed in this country as something which should be a political priority.  The government want to continue to take the easy option of cutting public services and taking money from the pockets of ordinary people.  But the rest of us know that it is unfair that the 1% who own 34% of the wealth should continue to be protected while the we suffer.”

Public Meetings in Cork and Dublin - Haiti: Catastrophe and the legacy of imperialism


Public meetings to be held in Cork and Dublin this week will pose the question of how the legacy of U.S. imperialism has impacted on the catastrophe visited on Haiti in the recent earthquake.

Press Statement: Anarchist Organisation calls on workers to organise to “get rid of ICTU traitors”


Anarchist Organisation Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) has described the leaders of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions Public Services Committee as “traitors who have connived with government to attack the wages and conditions of trade union members”, and has called on workers in all unions to unite and organise to “reclaim ownership of the trade unions and get rid of the traitors”.

Anarchist organisation welcomes public sector strike and calls for further action


Anarchist organisation Workers Solidarity Movement has congratulated public sector workers who took part in today’s 24-hour work stoppage and called for further stoppages “in order to force a change of direction from the government”.

“Today’s stoppage was a brave step by public sector workers,” said Gregor Kerr, WSM PRO. “At last, after months and months of being scapegoated for a financial crisis we didn’t have any part in creating, workers have found a bit of dignity and begun to stand up for ourselves.”

Press Statement: Anarchist Organisation calls for support for November 6th demonstrations


Anarchist Organisation calls for support for November 6th demonstrations but warns that ‘Marching Is Not Enough’

Press Statement: Lisbon - If O'Leary is for it, it can't be in our interest


Anarchist organisation, Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) has attacked Michael O'Leary's support for the Lisbon treaty, describing O'Leary as "one of Ireland's most notorious anti-union employers"

Press Statement: Anarchist Organisation launches ‘No to Lisbon’ poster campaign


Anarchist organisation Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) has launched two ‘Vote No to Lisbon’ posters. One features pictures of John Gormley, Bertie Ahern, Brian Cowen and Mary Harney under the slogan ‘Would you buy a second hand treaty from these chancers?’ The other urges people to vote no to Lisbon but also to ‘Organise For Real Social Change’.

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