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In the world today there is no body of revolutionary theory that provides a fully convincing picture of where we are or a program for the future. The left is trapped in a cycle of state ideology and reactions to state ideology.

Anarchists demonstrate against RIR parade through Belfast


Anarchists organise Anti-War Demonstration
Politicians of all sides show hypocrisy

Sunday 2nd November at 11am sharp

The Workers Solidarity Movement,(WSM), an anarchist organsiation, will be holding a public demonstration in opposition the Ministry of Defences decision to hold a march celebrating the occupation and continued atrocities in Afganistan

Belfast anarchists picket in solidarity with anarchist hunger striker


Members from the Belfast branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement in conjunction with Anarchist Black Cross will be holding a picket to highlight the case of political prisoner Amadeu Casellas outside Belfast City Hall this Monday 8th September at 5.30.

'Rapid Response' call as Shell to Sea Prepare for 'Day X' in Mayo


Preparation is under way to resist unwelcome and destructive activities by Shell and Allseas Ltd

Anarchists call for mass opposition to RIR military parade


Responding to last week's controversial decision by Belfast City Council to hold a 'civic reception' and military parade in November for returning troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Michael McGovern, spokesperson for the Belfast branch of the anarchist Workers Solidarity Movement states,

Starbucks Fires Staff For Joining Unions: Anarchists Protest


Union members and social activists are gearing up for what may be the largest, global coordinated action against Starbucks ever.

On Saturday July 5th anarchists, trade-union members and social activists in Dublin, Belfast and around the world will be leafleting and protesting against the anti-union pratices of Starbucks. In Dublin a protest will be held at the Starbucks on Dame St. at 2pm. Earlier on sturday in Belfast two simultaneous protests will be held at the Starbucks at 90 Botanic Avenue and Cornmarket. In England, Europe, Canada, the USA and Latin America simultaneous protests will be held.

WSM welcomes rejection of the Lisbon Treaty


The Workers Solidarity Movement welcomes the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. This treaty dealt with structural changes in the EU and as such no matter what it contained could not give us more control over our lives. This can only happen when we have democracy in our workplaces and communities.

Grassroots Gathering Fundraiser


Thursday 24th April 8pm Lower Deck, Dublin

The Grassroots Gatherings are open get-togethers for people who want to transform Irish society and the world in radical ways – 'grassroots' ways, in their focus on real democracy, and bottom-up methods. Reclaiming the streets, building social centres, resisting war, environmental destruction and EU neoliberalism, since 2001 the network around the Grassroots Gatherings has taken part in the global uprising against an equally global capitalism gone out of control. Check out

Galway Meeting - Organising For Anarchism In Ireland


Anarchism is about building a society with maximum freedom and maximum equality. However, to achieve this we must first of all destroy capitalism. How can we achieve this aim and how can we do it sooner rather than later? Anarchist ideas link a vision of a new world with the practical methods of getting there - through direct action and solidarity. Come along to the talk. All very welcome!

Promote the Dublin Mayday march with this poster


This poster advertises the DCTU 'Mayday' march in Dublin, print it out and put it on your workplace / school / college notice board. Come along and join the anarchist block

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