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Dublin - A revolution in our lifetimes?


2nd of the Rethinking Revolution sessions - Are we spending our precious time outside of work at protests and meetings because we want to improve our lives or are we just fighting for future generations. In either case what is it that we are trying to do as we move from topic to topic and struggle to struggle? Alan MacSimoin doesn't expect to see the glorious day while Andrew Flood is preparing for it being just around the corner.

How do we know who will struggle? - RR1 Audio


Butterflies to taxonomy caseThe left talks a lot about class but in a manner that often confuses more than it clarifies. In this audio recording of a Rethinking revolution seminar at Seomra Spraoi Paul Bowman wonders just how useful the classification obsessed approach of the left actually is.

Report from Easter Rising Commemorations in Cork city


James reports from the Workers Party, 32 County Sovereignty Movement, Republican Sinn Fein and Sinn Fein commemorations at the republican plot on Easter Sunday in Cork's St. Finbarrs cemetery.

Vote No to the Lisbon Treaty


A page of resources and articles on the WSM campaign for a 'No' vote in the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. It is a treaty for the rich, people in Ireland can do a lot better than a choice between the clowns in the Dáil or those in Brussels.

The Workers Solidarity Movement will be campaigning for a 'No' vote in the upcoming referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

WSM Election 2007 Special


On May 24th, 2007, the people of the Republic of Ireland will cast their votes in a general election. This election will be a farce, where the people get to choose between a list of nearly-identical politicians, with identical policies, based on promises that nobody believes. That's what they call democracy. This page presents the WSM's basic anarchist criticism of elections, along with a bit of satire directed towards the electoral farce.

Anarchism, Elections and all that

Article index for WSM article published before 2006


Up until 2006 all WSM articles published after 1990 were hosted as part of the Struggle collection on another server.  We hope to eventually move all the articles stored there to this site but in the meantime these subject indices take you to the pages still stored on that site.

SSN: “Show You’re Angry. Make Lots of Noise”


Campaigning Group Social Solidarity Network (SSN) has called on people to come to the Dáil on Budget Day this Wednesday at 5:00p.m. to show their anger at “government attacks on ordinary working people and the poor across Ireland.”

Dublin: Budget day: "Show You're Angry; Make Lots of Noise"


The Budget is going to be a massive attack on ordinary working people and the poor across Ireland. Lets show our anger in huge number outside the Dail on Dec 9th as they waffle within. The Social Solidarity Network is joining the protests that day at 5pm to demand "Reverse the Cuts Make the Rich Pay" and "Tax the Greedy Not the Needy".

Social Solidarity Network formed


The government has inflicted growing hardship upon workers and communities across the country, spreading the ethos that we should all commit to sharing the pain. This has been perpetuated by mainstream media, as “sharing the pain” has been portrayed, as the only way out of this crisis.

Fascists Get the Boot


In October, Anti-Fascist Action successfully prevented a large European neo-nazi gig from going ahead in Kerry. Dozens of Slovakian, Polish and Czech neo-nazis were planning to spend a long weekend in Ireland to celebrate the birthday of a leading fascist living in Dublin who’s originally from Prague. AFA managed to stop the gig from taking place and even had the pleasure of bumping into a few of the Blood & Honour fascists in Dublin.

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