Workers Solidarity Distro - This Sat.


Turn up the heat (as capitalism goes into meltdown) .... in Cork city centre.

Red and Black Revolution 14


The Spring 2008 issue of Ireland's anarchist magazine Red & Black Revolution is now available. Articles include “No Justice, Just Us” Interview with Larry Wheelock, Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction, How free can you be if you can’t even control your own body?, Book Review: “Sweatshop Warriors: Immigrant .

Download the PDF of RBR 14

Lucy Parsons branch meeting


Meeting of the Lucy Parsons comrades

Workers Solidarity Stall in Limerick


Anarchists in Limerick will be giving out the new issue of Workers Solidarity this Saturday...

Workers Solidarity 104



Workers Solidarity Issue 104, July August 2008

  • The triumph of greed over need
  • Time for profit restraint
  • Our bodies, our choice
  • Scrap the 11+
  • It's official: fighting war criminals not a crime
  • Thinking about anarchism: Why class matters
  • Solidarity on Cork docks
  • HSE Board have vested interest in running down the health service
  • Lisbon: A class act

WSM activity March & April 2008


March 15th saw Dublin’s third annual Anarchist Bookfair. Despite a day-long downpour, over 800 people passed through. Thirteen different meetings were held on topics as varied as the health service, the Lisbon treaty, climate change, feminism and class, and trade union organisation. Interest in finding out more was reflected in the €3,000+ worth of books and pamphlets purchased from stalls operated by Workers Solidarity Movement, CAZ Books, Just Books, Anarchist Federation of Britain, Irish Socialist Network, Oxfam Bookstore and others.

Waterford City Centre - Vote NO to Lisbon Treaty Stall


This Saturday (May 24th) anarchists will be holding a Vote NO stall in Waterford City center.

WSM Code of Conduct


Passed by WSM National Conference, May 2008.

Workers Solidarity 103


Issue 103 of Workers Solidarity -May-June 2008

Articles in this issue include:

  • No to Lisbon
  • Water tax is a double tax
  • Celebrating May Day
  • Nine Derry people face jail for decommissioning weapons
  • Thinking about anarchism: why managers mess up
  • American Soldiers Speak Out Against The War
  • Health March: Enough is Enough
  • Review: Flat Earth News
  • Housing Executive to cut 400 jobs
  • Belfast: Direction action gets the goods!

Rebel Worker Issue #1!


Issue #1 of Cork's newest anarchist publication, the Rebel Worker will be appearing bimonthly (when possible) and will be distributed both on its own and as an insert in the WSM's long-standing free newspaper, Workers Solidarity. The current issue features articles on the health service, May Day, abortion rights in Ireland and info on the WSM's involvement in ongoing workers' and community struggles.


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