Workers Solidarity 90 - 2006


Issue 90 if the Irish anarchist paper Workers Solidarity  for Jan/Feb of 2006

The WSM - Who We Are, What We're For..


It's one of anarchism's fundamental claims that it's possible to organise in an effective manner without submitting to authority. Not only that, but we believe that it's more effective than organising in a hierarchial manner as it makes use of everybody's talents and minimises the alientation that comes with decisions being made over your head. That's why we don't have a leadership - we think it's ineffective.

Red & Black Revolution 8


Issue 8 of the Irish anarchist magazine Red & Black Revolution looks at the summit protest movement from a number of angles as well as the revolt in Argentina and the ideas of the revolutionary syndicalist and Irish nationalist James Connolly.  It was published in the Winter of 2004.

Red & Black Revolution 7, published 2003


Articles in this issue include a debate on the Black Bloc, a look at the failings of the Irish Anti war Movement and a piece which explores the anarchist contention that socialism cannot come without freedom

Issues of Workers Solidarity from 2003 - no74-78


These are the articles and PDF files from Ireland's anarchist paper, Workers Solidarity, published in 2003

Red & Black Revolution 7 out now


In this issue of our magazine, we continue our tradition of dealing with the pressing issues of the day for anarchists and libertarians, and for all who are seriously interested in bringing about a new society. We carry articles by a member of the North Eastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists in relation to the future of the Black Bloc, and another by a member of Doctors For Choice on abortion rights (or the lack of them!) in Ireland.

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Anarchism is a very simple idea -basically society should be organised in a non-hierarchical way, it should not be divided into order-givers and order-takers. We don't need bosses, politicians, bishops or anybody else to tell us how to live our lives. Anarchists look to a society which will be based on the idea of "from each according to ability, to each according to need".

Red and Black Revolution 6


Red & Black Revolution number 6 published in the winter of 2002.

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