WSM help launch 1% network


Along with other socialist groups the WSM has launched the 1% Network, a coalition that aims to highlight the gross inequality in Irish society where the richest 1% of the population own 34% of the wealth.  The network will be carrying out a number of activities in the run up to the budget including a walking tour of the private mansions, corporate headquarters, secret meeting spots and private banks on October 9th.

Obituary: Georges Fontenis


Georges Fontenis One of the best known French anarchists, Georges Fontenis, died on August 9th at the age of 90.

Our comrades of Alternative Libertaire described him as “an untiring fighter for libertarian communism, a supporter of the Algerian independence fighters, a trade unionist, one of the leading figures of May 1968 in Tours and a pillar of the Freethought movement”.   Until the very end he was also a member of Alternative Libertaire.

Statement against police brutality in Colombia signed by WSM


At the urging of our comrades in  the Colombian anarchist organisation Red Libertaria Popular Mateo Kramer the WSM has signed this international statement.  Red Libertaria Popular Mateo Kramer describe the current political reality in Colombia as follows. "As repression assumes fearful proportions in Colombia, sheer violence is the mechanism to impose a terrorist mafia regime, an enclave subservient to US imperialist interests in the region. The current regime represents the political expression of the harshest class violence against workers in the region. This is not shameful for the Colombian people but it represents a menace to all of the Latin American people. Those libertarian organisations who have signed this statement do so in order to show solidarity with the libertarian movement in Colombia which, along with the rest of the people’s movement, knows no quarter in its struggle against State Terrorism and Imperialism."

WSM sign solidarity statement with Mapuche Political Prisoners


The WSM has signed an international statement that highlights the ongoing resistance of the Mapuche, an indigenous people in Chile who make up perhaps 5% of the Chilean population but comprise the majority of political prisoners in Chile.  The statement originated with anarchists organisations in Chile who are in solidarity with the Mapuche.

"How I came to be involved in struggle" - Radio Solidarity Prog. 6


Radio Solidarity - Prog. 6 - "How I came to be involved" is now available to listen to on the Near FM podcast site.

In this show, we at Radio Solidarity went out and spoke to people who are actively engaged in struggle and have a definitive idea of how to change the world for the better.

One solution: freedom of movement for immigrants


Immigration is an inevitable effect of the economic and military policies conducted by European states; the concerted efforts to prevent it are the result of racism and an unwillingness to face domestic consequences.

Radio Solidarity is now on Facebook


Radio Solidarity is on Facebook

So please feel free to go there, make friends with us and keep in the loop with events.

We hope to commence posting up full interviews from our third program over this weekend, we had some technical difficulties prior to this.

International Solidarity with the Greek workers' struggle!


The Greek working class is angry, and with good reason, with the attempt to load responsibility for the bankruptcy of the Greek State onto their shoulders. We maintain instead that it is the international financial institutions and the European Union who are responsible. The financial institutions have plunged the world, and Greece in particular, into an economic and social crisis of historical proportions, forcing countries into debt, and now these same institutions are complaining that certain States risk not being able to repay their debts. We denounce this hypocrisy and say that even if Greece - and all the other countries - can repay the debt, they should not do so: it is up to those responsible for the crisis - the financial institutions, not the - to pay for the damage caused by this crisis. The Greek workers are right to refuse to pay back their country's debt. We refuse to pay for their crisis!

Artist? - submit artwork on the crisis for WSM magazine / poster


Wanted!  An image that summates much of the recent recession, how we were screwed by a corrupt cartel of bankers, political cronies and financial rackateers.   Something that expresses our exasperation, how we are fighting back or struggling.  Something that cuts through the bullshit.

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