June 2007

Post Office workers' protest




Pro-Choice conference


Called by Choice Ireland to bring together pro-choice forces and discuss how best to advance the struggle for abortion rights in Ireland.

Abortion Rights rally in Dublin


Choice Ireland are organising a demonstration on Saturday 30 June in support of abortion rights in Ireland. The theme of the demonstration is:

Fight For Womens Right To Choose.

WSM member reports from G8 protests at Rostock


The situation at present as I sit in the convergence centre is that several large demonstrations have taken place in Rostock and elsewhere and the police presence has been heavy and aggressive.

Miss D, the right to choose and the WSM


The 'Miss D' case put in context with the struggle in Ireland for women to have full control over their own bodies and the position taken by the WSM on this issue. A few weeks ago, a 17 year old girl, 4 months pregnant, known as 'Miss D' was brought before the courts to determine whether or not she should be allowed to travel to England for an abortion. The baby she was carrying had been diagnosed with anencephaly, a condition that leads to still-births. The longest an infant has survived outside the womb with this condition is a few days. Yet the Irish government were unwilling to let Miss D have an abortion, denying Miss D's basic human rights under the guise of 'letting the baby die with dignity'.

Call This Choice?


Public Meeting
The Anarchist Alternative to Capitalism
Wednesday 6th June at 8pm in the Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square, Dublin 1
Organised by the Dublin 8 Branch of Workers Solidarity Movement

Belfast Anarchist Bookfair 2007


Belfast Anarchist Bookfair
12 - 6 pm
Saturday 1st September.
at the Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre
45/47 Donegall Street
Hosted by Just Books Collective and Organise!

On the 2007 elections in France - Interview with Alternative Libertaire


In late May, we had the chance to interview Edith Soboul, of the federal secretariat of Altrernative Libertaire, our sister organisation in France. The interview dealt with the recent election of Sarkozy, the shift to the right in Europe and its impact on workers' and immigrants' rights, the tasks of the libertarians in France and AL proposals for the moment

Anarchist-Communism and Elections


This article was written back in 2003 and was part of the Chilean discussion on the coming local elections at the time and the way many comrades wanted to dedicate the bulk of our resources (both financial and human) to anti-electoralism. As well, there was a debate as we were starting to run into elections in universities, schools, trade unions and community organisations and some said that anarchists were against voting in any form. Some of the arguments on tactics andprinciples have appeared again recently in the discussions I've had on the issue here in Ireland

Klasa bez Panstwa


Polish translation of WSM texts on immigrant workers

Broszura ta jest zbiorem publikacji WSM - WORKERS SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT, anarcho- komunistycznej organizacji zakorzenionej w tradycji "platformy". 

Report of Justice for Terence Wheelock Protest


Over 500 people came out to support the Justice for Terence Wheelock Campaign on Saturday, June the 9th.

An anarchist approach to housing


It has been said that the Irish are “obsessed with property”. Indeed the level of knowledge of the property market possessed by the average Irish taxi driver is Ireland is reputedly comparable to that possessed by full time real estate agents in some countries. In the run up to the 2007 election the various parties were scrambling to come up with an olive branch to offer the electorate in the property arena. The increasing difficulty faced by first-time buyers, and the pressure felt on the government was reflected to some degree in election promises including abolishing stamp duty entirely for first-time buyers and building more social housing.

PDF: Anarchizm Jest Swietny


Broszura ta jest zbiorem tekstow opublikowanych przez WSM - WORKERS SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT, anarcho- komunistyczna organizacje zakorzenion± w tradycji "platformy ". Wybrane teskty dotycza teori i praktyki anarchizmu w nawiazaniu do uniwersalnych zagadnien jak postrzeganie pojecia wolnosci w spoleczenstwie kapitalistycznym a jej znaczenie w ujêciu anarcho-komunizmu.

Can We Really Afford Shelter?


Shelter, especially in the form of long-term housing, is a basic human need. That's why Abraham Maslow put it at the base of his hierarchy of needs back in 1943. As a basic requirement in life, it should also be seen as undeniable right - something all people deserve, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Account of protest and arrest at Heilegendamm, Germany G8 summit 2007


A member of the WSM travelled to the protests against the G8 in Heilegendamm, Germany July 2007. He reports on the actions that were taken and then on his arrest and mistreatment.

The Build-Up - 2nd June 2007

We travelled to Rostock on one of the 30 buses going from Hamburg. When we arrived the city was awash with people and also a gargantuan police presence. We made our way to the starting point of the rally in which the anarchist block was due to march, the second rally being composed more so of NGOs and political parties. After an hour or so of boring speeches and the monotone gloom of David Rovics, the march set off.

The rising of the moon


A collection of Irish anarchist articles on the rebellion of 1798 and the 1916 insurrection brought together in a single 40 page PDF pamphlet which you can download. 

Green party in government in Ireland - The Party Political Environment: Beyond Saving


So, for the first time in the history of the Irish state the Green Party are in government. Does this mean we will see any real, radical change? Can the Greens stay true to their Manifesto promises?

Never have we witnessed an election like the one just passed in the states history. Essentially, we witnessed a public refurendum on two possible coalitions. In the end we were given a government unique in the states history, in that for the first time it features the Green Party.

WSM website blocked by China's rulers


Among the many sites blocked in China is this one.

Such is the fear that the mighty proletarian anarchist movement of Ireland strikes into the hearts of despots everywhere, that the Chinese government have blocked our site, retreated under the kitchen table and are now crying for their mammies.

The Economy of the Revolution - After the revolution


If we are to envision this world as an improvement over our current one, it will be absolutely necessary to retain the advances made during the industrial, and even more importantly the recent agricultural revolution. To fail to do so would be no less than mass genocide. The productive capacity of the world in terms of food, goods and services is enormous. In order to feed the hungry and cloth the naked, we will need an efficient system of production allocation and distribution.

Mexican people resist oppression in Oaxaca - Public Talk