February 2008

Gathering of Irish Feminists


RAG, the Dublin-based anarcha-feminist collective, are organising a gathering in Ireland on the 2nd–5th May 2008. This will be a chance for feminists to come together to discuss, learn and share in a radical but supportive environment. As plans for the weekend are being drawn-up, we want to ask you to scratch these dates into your diary now. It is intended that this wonderful event will take place in a rural setting away from Dublin - location to be confirmed. Costs will be kept to a minimum. Feminists and children are all very welcome.

Irish Ferries: Exploiting workers and insulting Wilde


When Irish Ferries launched their new €50million vessel in Dublin Port on Tuesday 29th January, 400 guests from the tourism, freight and shipping sectors attended the naming ceremony. How many of them, I wonder, took a moment as they quaffed their champagne and nibbled on their canapés to ponder on the news revealed by International Transport Workers Federation inspector, Ken Fleming, that the workers who would be manning the ferry will be paid as little as €4 per hour?

Organising to beat the boss: Interview with a Belfast retail worker


This is an interview with a member of the TGWU who is attempting to organise a union in a leading Irish Sports Shop in Belfast. It describes the problems facing workers in the retail sector who are exploited by their employers and start organising themselves in their own work-place to improve their conditions. These problems are even more acute when there is no history of unionisation in the workplace and a limited awareness of people's rights as workers.

Due to potential libel action and its consequences for the union we are unable to print the company’s name. 'An Ireland of equals' what rubbish!

Welfare cuts spell a war on women


Under the guise of fighting poverty, the Government is set to attack the welfare of lone parents.The Irish Government is planning to replace the ‘One Parent Family Allowance‘, a welfare payment for single parents of children under the age of eighteen with the ‘Parental Allowance‘. The primary difference between two is that while the OPFA ends when the parent's youngest child is eighteen, the PA ends when the youngest child turns eight. At this stage the parent will be transferred to an ordinary unemployment benefit, and will thus be forced into the job market. At present the policy is on trial in Kilkenny and Dublin, but the Government hopes to apply it throughout the state in the next Budget.

Fundraiser for Just Books


Saturday 23th Febuary, Kelly Cellars (Belfast City Centre)

AnarchistBlackCat- moderated anarchist discussion forums


Ever wished for an anarchist discussion board dominated by an exchange of argued out political views rather than insults? So did we, so we decided to do something about it.

Workers Solidarity Issue 101


Ireland's anarchist paper Workers Solidarity, Issue 101 January - February 2008

Issues of Workers Solidarity in 2008


The issues of the Irish anarchist paper Workers Solidarity published in 2008

Film premiere - Fundraiser for Dublin Anarchist Bookfair


Dublin premiere of film 'Torture is us' to raise funds for Dublin Anarchist Bookfair

Launch of Campaign for a Decent Public Health Service


Roughly 300 people turned up to the launch of the 'Campaign for a Decent Public Health Service' on the evening of the 11th February in Liberty Hall. The public meeting was organised by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions and the campaign hopes to bring together health workers and their trade unions, patient groups, hospital campaigners, the trade union movement in general and the general public to demand a civilised health service.

Dublin: Feminist Walking Tour


What? Feminist Walking Tour
When? IWD Sat March 8th, 2.30pm
Where? Meet at Stephen's Green Arch
Why? Education, Celebration, Visibility, Solidarity, Fun!

Shell to Sea Garage Picket


As detailed

Interview with gifted political singer/songwriter Ciaran Murphy


Ciaran Murphy is a political singer songwriter based in Belfast who wrote the bulk of his material while a "dissident republican" prisoner between 2003 - 06. Last month an English music label pulled out of an agreed distribution deal with him due to unease at the political slant of his songs and the perceived sympathies of his small fan base. He describes himself as an 'Irish separatist' with libertarian socialist principles. Here Sean Matthews of the WSM puts questions to him on music, gigging and his political outlook. Ciaran is speaking in a personal capacity.

Dublin: Rally in support of agency workers


A Better Deal for Agency Workers

Date: Tuesday, February 19th
Time: 5.30pm
Place: The gates of Dail Eireann, Kildare Street

Organised by SIPTU

Mad Asset Stripping


A quick article following on from the publication of 'The Lie of the Land' by the Irish Psychiatric Association looks at the dealings of the HSE recently in terms of some land dealings.

Sometimes along comes a story – and it surprises you because even though you have a jaded view of this corrupt society, they go and do something that jars you.

I find myself using the elongated version of un******believable. They are not going to steal this from the most vulnerable in society so that they can give some of their friends in property development a nice new project to work on. Yes they are! Who are they? The Health Service Executive is who they are.

Benefit Gig for Shell to Sea


Shell to sea benefit with an enormous selection of musical styles - flyer and more info plus more bands to follow

3rd Annual Dublin Anarchist Bookfair


The 2008 Dublin anarchist bookfair took place Saturday 15th March at Club na Múinteorí (The Teachers’ Club), 36 Parnell square, Dublin 1. The preceding night there was an informal gathering in the same venue. On the day itself in the main hall there were bookstalls and information stalls covering a range of active campaigns and revolutionary groups.

Belfast: Int. Women's Day Film Showing: Ethel MacDonald 'An Anarchist's Story'


Just Books Collective presents

Ethel MacDonald 'An Anarchist's Story'

This drama-documentary tells the story of Ethel MacDonald a forgotten legend.

Anarchist Preparations for Japanese anti-G8 Mobilisatations


Go Hirasawa mobilizes against the G8-summit in Japan with the group „No G8! Action“. He is lecturer of film studies at the Tokyo University and a media activist. Very recently, he has coordinated the retrospective of the Japanese director Koji Wakamatsu at the international film festival Berlinale.

(Translated from japanese, via german it give a a bit of insight inrto the state of play in japan at the moment)

International Womens Day events in Finglas


Dari Jeyran, an Iranian is a women’s and political rights activist recently arrived from Iran.

She has been involved in the struggles against the government there. She has also been involved in solidarity work with trade unionists and students and campaigned for prisoner’s rights.

Dari, who is opposed to any war or sanctions on Iran, has been at the forefront of providing information about what is happening in Iran out to activists abroad.