June 2008

Opening run of new play: 'Our National Games' by Gerard Humphreys


The Axis Theatre has kindly donated the proceeds from the Wednesday 4th of June showing of their new play, 'Our National Games' to the IPSC.

No Mercy Points To Solidarity - Cork's Mercy Hospital


In a timely statement on May 1st, nurses in Cork city's A & E service poured scorn on the HSE. Part of the reason why they did this was because of the ongoing situation at Cork's Mercy Hospital. In their statement, the nurses said that it was their "collective view that patient care is being compromised and that it is only a matter of time before there are serious issues and incidents ..." A month on from that statement there has been no resolution in the Cork area. The Workers Solidarity Movement look at the issues and how the impasse could be resolved.

City Hall Protest


Solidarity Call, We need your support!

Protest against Collapse of PPP Regeneration Projects

From Seomra Spraoi working list:

Monday 9th June at 6.00 pm, City Hall, Dublin (Dame Street)

Please wear black and bring pots and pans to make lots of noise.

We will not be silenced! We want the 14 acre site at St Michael's Estate developed as agreed. Please see below for more details.

The trade union movement and the Lisbon treaty


A number of weeks ago, a member of the INTO (Irish National Teachers Organisation) submitted a letter for publication in the union magazine ‘In Touch’. This was in response to a request in the previous issue of the magazine for members to write letters for publication.

Dublin honours anti-apartheid strikers


In 1984 ten young women and one young man, members of MANDATE trade union, started a long strike at Dunnes Stores in Dublin's Henry Street. They walked the picket line in support of their union's policy of solidarity with the anti-apartheid struggle and boycotting South African products.

It only ended when the government agreed to ban the import of South African fruit & veg until the apartheid regime was overthrown.

Impact March and Protest in Cork, June 11th 2008


Workers from the IMPACT union marched from Cork University Hospital to the HQ of the HSE on Model Farm Road on Wednesday June 11th at 1 pm to protest against the ongoing recruitment embargo being orchestrated by the HSE. 

The results of the Lisbon Treaty Referendum in Ireland


The NO victory in Ireland is a clear demonstration of the lack of support among the people for the European project being promoted by the Brussels technocrats and the transnational corporations grouped together in the capitalist cartel, the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT). This rejection by the country with the highest levels of approval and popularity for the EU shows that a different form of European unity is needed, a real unity of all the people. And the gap between public opinion and their "representatives" is a clear sign of the crisis in representative democracy and the need for direct democracy.

Meeting to Organise Starbucks Protest


Meeting to organise protest on Saturday July 5th against recent firing of CNT member in Spain and continuing anti-union discrimination in Grand Rapids, Illinois, USA.

The Lisbon Treaty Campaign in Ireland: a Review


With a large number of conflicting interpretations in circulation, many voters’ voting decisions depended on whom they trusted the most. 

When it came down to it, the side that was represented by politicians and IBEC was always going to be in trouble. In the end, the loyalty test split the electorate on class lines. The wealthier constituencies trusted their politicians and business leaders more, the rest of the country sided against them and with the left or the nationalists.

Anarchism in Ireland discussion forum


A new moderated discussion forum for anarchists in Ireland has been launched as part of anarchistblackcat.org, a growing global anarchist project that a number of WSM members are involved in. The forum is open to anarchists and those interested in anarchism across the island and those elsewhere interested in events in Ireland.

Demo at Lionbridge. Defend the right to organise a Union!


In December 2007, workers in the Polish office of Lionbridge - a multinational translation company - created a trade union based on non-hierarchical principles – KFP. On Feb. 12, 2008, Jakub G., a workplace union representative in Lionbridge Poland, was summarily dismissed.

Belfast: Global day of Action against Starbucks


Global day of Action against Starbucks in Belfast

Two pickets- 90 Botanic Avenue & Cornmarket/Aurthur Street

Saturday July 5th 12.00

Called by Organise! and Belfast branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement

Dublin - picket of Starbucks 2pm July 5th


The Workers Solidarity Movement is helping to organise a picket of the Starbucks on Dame street in Dublin, at 2pm on Saturday 5th July in solidarity with the Global Day of Action called by Starbucks union organisers in Spain and the USA.