April 2010

Castlerea Prison protest for Pat O'Donnell's


50 days and counting into his Shell-imposed imprisonment, Shell to Sea shows support for their hero and friend

Pride, as relevant in Ireland today as during Stonewall


There will be celebrations of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT)
 Pride across Ireland this summer, including Cork's Pride Parade on June 5th and Dublin's Parade on June 26th. The original Pride marches were held to commemorate the Stonewall riots in New York which began on June 28, 1969, and which were led
mainly by working class Black and Puerto Rican trans people, butch dykes and drag queens sick of being beaten up and arrested by the police. The following year, in commemoration of the riots, the Gay Liberation Front organised a march from Greenwich Village to Central Park. Almost 10,000 women and men attended the march. Today, many major cities all over the world hold LGBT/Queer Pride Marches on the last Sunday of June in honour of Stonewall.

Polish syndicalist Marcel Szary passed away


Marcel Szary, an activist of Workers' Initiative Trade Union in Cegielski factory, died . He was  one of the founders of the union. It is a huge loss for the syndicalist and workers' movement in Poland.

CPSU activists produce leaflet against Public Sector deal


The CPSU activist group have produced a leaflet calling on members of the CPSU to vote No to the public sector deal.  "Many public sector workers have been shocked and angered that such a deal was agreed in the first place, some general secretaries including our own tried to present the deal as some kind of “victory”. Of course we can now see clearly that this is a rotten deal." 

Public Sector Deal or No Deal – It’s a Scrap Either Way


Cartoon about making deals

The long days and nights of bargaining between government and union top brass at Croke Park ended when the participants emerged and presented the fruits of their deliberations. It is a pretty awful deal, which rubber stamped the pay cuts already handed out to public sector workers and added a whole layer of new working conditions, essentially extra hours and responsibilities for the same or lower pay. Over the couple of weeks that followed, the various public sector unions in conference or at executive level recommended either accepting or rejecting this deal, with the final call resting with the membership. As we go to print the final result of these ballots are still unknown but recent experience should warn us that, in either case, the battle is far from over.

Campaign for Women's Right to Choose! (1983)


The Dublin Anarchist Collective actively supports the Women’s Right to Choose Campaign. The right of everybody to self-determination is a basic of Anarchist belief. Women in particular are denied this right. In this society we have little or no control over the issues which affect are daily lives. Transcription of an article from the June/July 1983 issue of 'Resistance' the paper of the Dublin Anarchist Collective.

Snouts in Anglo Irish Bank trough


A pay cut, a ‘pension levy’ and a refusal to pay agreed wage rises has been the lot of public sector workers.   Well, not quite all of them.

Former Fine Gael leader Alan Dukes has refused to give up his €100,000 Dáil pension despite earning even more as the state-appointed chairman of the nationalized Anglo Irish Bank.  He was directly appointed by Finance Minister Brian Lenihan in March.

Public Service Pay Deal - The Battle Lines are Drawn


We must reject this deal, which is worse than the status quo. It is so bad that the executives of a number of unions have even gone against their negotiators by recommending rejection of the deal. The union leadership has forgotten how to fight and even those amongst them those who argue for rejecting the deal simply want to get back to the table for further negotiations.

That's Capitalism

  • In 2009, “11% of employers visited by welfare officials were not compliant with their PRSI commitments”, according to the Department of Social and Family Affairs.  In plain English this means that they never paid PRSI to the government, as they are obliged to do. When workers steal, it’s ‘theft’, when bosses do the same, it’s ‘non-compliance’.

Dublin Mayday march


dctu_may_day_flyer_2010.jpgMayday is International Workers' Day marking the execution of anarchist union organisers in Chicago in the 1880's.  Come along to the Dublin march, details below, and join us for a drink afterwards.

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