July 2010

Recruitment / Joining the WSM

This paper was retired at the June 2011 National Conference and has been replaced by the Membership & engagement paper.

Recession Ridley: The Irrational Optimist


Matt Ridley, has written a book called, "The Rational Optimist: how prosperity evolves".  In the book, the Eton and Oxford educated Ridley, argues that the world is getting better and better, it has been doing so for hundreds of years, and will continue to do so. Nothing stands in the way of his argument, not even global climate changeYou simply could not make this up. I know you could copy and paste that sentence for so much these days, but this one really makes you do a double-take.

Bray: rally for Connolly Shoes strikers


MANDATE Trade Union is hosting a support rally for four of their members who were dismissed by their employer without any notice, just cause and without compensation. Their employer, Connolly Shoes in Dun Laoghaire has closed its doors to the workers so the union is hosting the rally at an another shop belonging to the employer, Connolly’s Footwear in Bray. 

The rally will take place at Connolly Footwear, 2 Quinsboro Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow, at 1:00 p.m. Friday, 9 July 2010.

There is Another Way


Does the system we live under, capitalism, offer enough scope for achieving lasting solutions to all the problems it causes?  Of course, some improvements are made and some problems are alleviated.  Yet new kinds of problem also arise in a society which is changing rapidly, constantly seeking new ways to make a profit.

Anarchism & the WSM


Thinking About Anarchism: Storming the Dáil


If you’ve been following the news or listening to Liveline over the last few weeks, you’ll have seen a few references to protesters trying to “storm” the Dáil or to the Guards’ attempt to prevent an anti-capitalist march from, well, marching.

That's Capitalism


Sinn Féin - DUP Add to Armoury


Any public protest of more than 49 people will have to apply for permission at least 37 days in advance.  Otherwise it will be illegal. While emergency protests are allowed, the Bill says it has to be an “extreme emergency” and permission must be applied for three days in advance.

Don't Hate, Create: Radio Solidarity


The WSM now has its own monthly radio show on Dublin’s Near FM. Radio Solidarity is broadcast on the first Tuesday of every month on at 15.30hrs and is also available online. We caught up with one of the show’s producers, Dermot Sreenan.

WS: How did Radio Solidarity Come About?

Letters: In Defence of the Rich / In Defence of the Vast Majority


Dear Sir,

In the … brazenly condescending column ‘That’s Capitalism’ (WS114) I read a very short but very puzzling piece on Aidan Heavey (Founder and CEO of Tullow Oil). You feel it newsworthy to mention that his total remuneration for the year amounted to €25,962,983. By the general theme of your paper and this column in particular I can derive a clear negative slant on any business issues you report on.

Anarchists Take Over Liberty Hall Once Again!


Saturday the 29th of May saw the return of the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair to Liberty Hall. It is the 5th Bookfair to be held in the city and what started out as a small event in a community hall in the Liberties is now one of the landmark events in the calendar of the Irish left, organised by the Workers Solidarity Movement.

The Hidden Struggle Behind the World Cup


The World Cup is over, the TV crews have departed, and the South African government must be happy. The world’s media portrayed it as the crowning achievement of sixteen years of post-apartheid development. With the African continent’s largest economy and one of the most progressive constitutions in the world, South Africa is considered by most to be a model middle-income developing country. Many in Ireland will look on with pride, happy that they helped play a part in the anti-apartheid boycott movement which helped to bring that terrible racist system to an end.

Freedom Flotilla and Gaza Blockade - Radio Solidarity Prog. 5


Listen in to Radio Solidarity Program no. 5  available on the Near FM podcast site where we concentrate on the recent events around Palestine and the ongoing blockade of Gaza by Israel.

Gardai assault Shell to Sea protester - 'I have your life in my hands'


At 7pm last night Shell to Sea campaigners used kayaks to approach a Shell drilling platform in Broadhaven bay.  Five Gardai boats intercepted them and overturned the kayaks, dumping the campaigners in the water.  When one campaigner managed to swim underneath the platform he was hauled onto one of the Gardai boats where a Gardai proceeded to choke him for 90 seconds.

One solution: freedom of movement for immigrants


Immigration is an inevitable effect of the economic and military policies conducted by European states; the concerted efforts to prevent it are the result of racism and an unwillingness to face domestic consequences.

The Dail expenses scandal


The story of Ivor and his €80,000 in expenses – is just the latest smell arising from our political houses, after the stink that wafted from there last year when John O’Donoghue ran up €126,000 in expenses in two years.    Last year we were listening to stories of €900 a night hotel rooms, airport transfers and hat rentals.

100 days in Shells prison - solidarity with Niall Harnett


Dublin Shell to Sea have called a picket of Shell HQ to mark the 100th Day of Niall's imprisonment which the WSM is supporting. Dublin S2S say "Many of you who have been involved in Shell to Sea over the years, or who have visited the camp, will know Niall. Please try and attend to show your support."

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