2007 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair


Bookfair posterThe 2007 Dublin anarchist bookfair will take place Sat 3rd March at Club na Múinteorí (the Teachers Club), 36 Parnell square. On Friday there will be film showings at Seomra Spraoi. On Saturday night there is a gig in the HopHouse, Parnell st (the old Shakespeare pub)

Friday 2nd March - Anarchist bookfair video and quiz night

A gentle start to the anarchist bookfair on Friday evening at 8.30pm with videos from the last year of struggle in Ireland, a short anarchist quiz and a chance to chat. All at Seomra Spraoi

Seomra Spraoi is located at
Seomra Spraoi
No. 6
Lower Ormond Quay,
Dublin 1.

This is across the river from the Clarence hotel, its on the first floor, ring the Seomra bell to get in.

Some of the "short videos" that will be played, mostly filmed during the year in Ireland.

Rossport - Shell to Sea Video Reports
Demo against Israeli state aggression
Peace on Trial - Verdict Day Dublin Ireland
Geb Bush visits Ireland
Let our parnets stay - no deportations
War for Territory
Direct action man
Mayday revisted
Baldonnel - easter rising commeration

Saturday 3rd March - Anarchist bookfair in the Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square

The Teachers Club is located in the city centre, just off the top of O'Connell st


This is the list of stalls that will be at the bookfair - for questions, suggestions etc you the 'contact us' form.

Introduction and Welcome to the bookfair stall

WSM Bookservice
Barracka Books (Cork)
Just Books (Belfast)

Workers Solidarity Movement
Revolutionary Anarcho-Feminist Group
Polish anarchists in Ireland

Residents against Racism
Latin American Solidarity Campaign
Rossport Solidarity Camp
Dublin Shell to Sea
Revolt Video
Red Banner
Anarchist Prisoner Support
Streen Seen

Anarchist Federation (Britain)
Class War (Britain)
LibCom.org (Britain)

Meeting details are being finalised this is a fairly complete list of meetings. Note in some cases the title as may change as with groups that haven't given us an exact title as yet we've inserted a general one to use for the moment

Timetable of anarchist bookfair meetings
  Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
12.15-1.15 What Sort of Ireland Do We Want?
Speakers from Workers Solidarity Movement, Irish Socialist Network and Eirigi discuss the questions below
1.30- 2.30 What Sort of Ireland Do We Want? (continued)
How to get to a revolution?,
What do we mean by a revolution?,
What do we want after the revolution?
Polish anarchists in Ireland
A meeting for Polish anarchists
ID Cards in Britain and elsewhere - an attack on the working class?
A speaker from a British anarchist organisation, Anarchist Federation on the battle against Big Brother

Death By Cops
Laurence Wheelock talks about his family’s fight for justice for his brother Terence, a twenty year old man from Dublin’s north inner city who went into a coma after sustaining injuries in garda custody in June 2005 and subsequently died in September of that year.

The rise of the left in South America
Three South American speakers about recent political developments in South America
The History of Anarchism in Ireland
WSM members Aileen O’Carroll and Alan Mac Simoin look back at the development of anarchism and anarchist ideas in Ireland
4.00 - 5.00 Rossport: In Defiance of the State
John Monaghan from Rossport speaks about the ongoing battle in North Mayo as a community fights to protect itself against Shell, a multinational with a track record for maltreating communities which they operate in.
Syndicalism and Ireland
Labour historian Emmet O’Connor, author of ‘Syndicalism in Ireland’
Anti-War meeting
Details To be announced
5.15-6.15 Class, Feminism and Revolution
A speaker from RAG (Revolutionary Anarcha-Feminist Group)
William Thompson’s contribution to the development of socialism
Paul Bowman on the ideas of the man that James Connolly described as ‘the first Irish socialist’
Organise!- what we're at
A speaker from Organise

On Saturday night there will be a post bookfair gig in the HopHouse, Parnell Street

Please 'contact us' if you have any questions.

Dinner being seved at the last bookfair

For more details seehttp://www.wsm.ie/bookfair