What The Hell Is Up With The 2007 G8 Mobilisation for Heiligendamm, Germany


From 6-8 June 2007, the G8 Summit – the meeting of the heads of state and government of the USA, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Russia – will take place in Heiligendamm in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on Germany’s Baltic Sea. The Summit location is the Kempinski Grand Hotel. As there seems to have been a remarkable absense of discusion, debate and practical organising surrounding this years G8 blockade mobilisations in germany this june, ive attempted to collate some info that may be useful for readers.

It is by no means comprehensive and apols of not having mastered HTML but hope it is of some assistance

One thing is certain. This year is going to be big. Even though the traditional date have been moved forward a month to try to disrupt our 'disruptions', the unprecedented call, planning and actions will have an impact far greater than recent G8 manifestation. This will be part of making capitalism history. Check out the links below for more info.

They're Back ....and This thime they mean War
From 6-8 June 2007, the G8 Summit – the meeting of the heads of state and government of the USA, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Russia – will take place in Heiligendamm in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on Germany’s Baltic Sea. The Summit location is the Kempinski Grand Hotel. As there seems to have been a remarkable absense of discussion, debate and practical organising surrounding this years G8 blockade mobilisations in germany this june, ive attempted to collate some info that may be useful for readers.

It is by no means comprehensive and apols of not having mastered HTML but hope it is of some assistance

One thing is certain. This year is going to be big. Even though the traditional date have been moved forward a month to try to disrupt our 'disruptions', the unprecedented call, planning and actions will have an impact far greater than recent G8 manifestation. This will be part of making capitalism history. Groups and idividuals right across europe , east and west, and beyond, have been involved so far in planning a multitude of actions across 10 days, under various themes but all co ordinated to be an explicit attack aganist the forces that deem inequality, exploitation, precarity, and violence as the necessary costs of capitalisms 'progress'. These actions are founded, planned and will be carried with a sense of solidarity, collective creativity, and real and meaningful participation, not only because we act to be the change we wish to see, but because it works practicall too. leaderless, we have no heads to chop off, our stuctures will form and reform, our collective trust and experince, past failings and continual struggles are what we learn from, not the dogma of economic growth. It is and will be continually more difficult for the suited 'leaders' and professional deceivers to squash the voices of those struggling and acting for real and particpatory democracy, a democacry that recognises the forces and elites that are part of the problem, however they dress things up otherwise.

This years manifestation/mobilisation is part of the continuum of that fight. Those joining in that struggle grow more numerous each day . This is not a call for a mass movement of numbers., a movement of email lists, and paper membership where we defer our voices to those better trained or more politically sophistcated than us. Its more about building working practices that organisations. But it sure as fuck means getting organised.....

It is a call for a social movement of self activity and mutaul solidarity, or respect and dare i say it one of love ( kinda down played a lot and perhaps need to be reclaimed from the fire) not just on the balmy days of action but that come from a critical awareness of the social, economic political and cultural forces that act upon us. As agents of change and as participants of our own lives and those around us, we can shape form create and tear down. It is the only antidote to curing the scorge of apathy and disempowerment that creeps in to our workplaces, our communities, our selves and each other, particularly when the knocks on the doors happen asround election time....

Check out the links below for more info. ]
http://www.dissentnetzwerk.org Network of (but not limited to) anarchist, autonomous, libertarian, social centre groups and individuals
http://www.gipfelsoli.org Across the board, non sectarian info..makes a fucken change eh?
http://g8-2007.de (interventionist left) Radical (and not so radical ) leftist groups anarchos trade unions smaller ngos etc
http://www.g8-germany.info (ngo coalition)
http://www.vision07.net Movin' Europe)

Some dates to note.

Friday 1 June
Anti-military actions: http://www.g8andwar.de.
Opening of the anti-G8 camp.
Opening events in Rostock.

Saturday 2 June
International Demonstration in Rostock: www.heiligendamm2007.de
Concerts: www.move-against-g8.de

Sunday 3 June
Day of Action on Agriculture
Networking and International Events in Rostock
Concerts: www.move-against-g8.org

Monday 4 June
Day of Action on Migration. Actions at detention camps and immigration departments, as well as a demonstration in Rostock city centre. Followed by a panel discussion on migration in the evening. http://nolager.de/

Tuesday 5 June
Actions Against Militarism, War, Torture and the Global State of Exception. Blockade of Rostock-Laage airport as the G8 leaders arrive. www.g8andwar.de

Tuesday 5 – Thursday 7 June
Alternative/Counter-Summit in Rostock. http://www.g8-alternative-summit.org/en/ Additional events at the protest camp.

Wednesday 6 June
‘Block G8’ blockade of the Summit infrastructure through means of civil disobedience. www.block-g8.org
Further actions in the area around Heiligendamm.

Thursday 7 June
Multiple marches (the ‘Sternmarch’) to Heiligendamm from nearby Nienhagen, Kühlungsborn, Bad Doberan and Kröpelin www.dissentnetwork.org
Demonstrations and ‘Block G8’ blockades www.block-g8.org
Followed by Herbert Grönemeyer and others’ ‘Music and Messages’ concert www.deine-stimme-gegen-armut.de

Friday 8 June
International Day of Action Against Climate Change and The G8 - Direct Actions for Climate Justice, Resistance is Self Defense

The following statements are a collection of those being made by collectives, coalitions, and networks choosing to act to shut down this years G8 conference in Germany. Whilst much these call outs may have similar content (they are all calling for not just the practical blockades of the undemocratic G8 body, but for its abolishment and for the abolishment of capitialism ) it is worth noting that those involved within and across the networks and coalitions represent not just the radical left or anarchists, but an increasingly broad spectrum of voices. All groups, it seems are, interested in continuing the development of lasting functioning networks after the G8 meeting. Perhaps this is one of the most positive elements of this particular manifestation. How these coalitions are able to deal with not only the diversity of actions but the wider issues that many networks face in the immediate aftermath of massive actions is yet to be seen. But with planning on this particular manifestation of radical participatory democracy stretching back over three years, this summer in Rostock is likely to have major and lasting repercussions not only within this movement of movements , but also within the particular notion of summit mobilisations.

Further info : Its really recommended that you check out these sites yourself as im personaly more intouch with the dissent network and process. however one massive and positive difference in this mobilisation process ( to date) has been the shared info and educational outreach that has occured. The 'info tour' has toured over 30 countries and almost 1000 info talks have been given. this follows in the steps of the uk based trapese collective ( http://trapese.org/ ) who toured the UK and Ireland doing workshops, educationals and pub quizes in the run up to the Stirling G8 in 2005


Some callouts so far

Released 17/04/07

After the first meeting during the Global Meeting in Venice (that took place at the end of March 2007), people from various Social Centers (Italy) and people from the Antiauthoritarian Movement (Greece) called the International Meeting during the 3rd G8-Action-Conference in Rostock, Germany.

We met today on the 14th of Αpril, we are people of different territories and countries of Europe. We participate in the third Action Conference against the G8 Summit in Rostock. Several of us took part in the Global Meeting organized on the 31th of Μarch in Venice, where we began to coordinate on an European level. Facing our committements to participate in the protest and actions against the G8 summit, we want to share some agreements about borders control and freedom of movement.

We state that:

1) All human beings must have a freedom of movement in a Europe and in a world without borders.

2) We refuse any control, repression and ban used by European polices to stop peoples moving toward the protest against the G8, and we reject any classification and discrimination between protesters.

3) We will express solidarity to people facing problems at the borders and we will coordinate efforts to guarantee the right of movement through the first week of June.

4) A political Europe already exists and it's based on border control and capitalistic economy, instead we are building another Europe of equality, justice and equal rights for all.

5) We call for actions of solidarity on embassies, consulates, Goethe-Institutes, German enterprises all over Europe and the world. In this context we will respect every form of action and protest.

This text has been discussed and supported by participants from Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, France, U.K., Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Netherlands, U.S.A. and Canada.

We will be everywhere!

Rostock, April 14th 2007

International Meeting against G8-Summit



*Call out for Global Days of Action and Information against Capitalism
in the time around the G8 summit 2007*

Capitalism attacks us on many fronts in our daily lives. We are forced
to endure the current system of capitalism and its oppressive power
destroys, exploits, isolates and dehumanizes us. It's definitely time
to get rid of it.

To move forward in the international struggle against capitalism, the
following call goes out from the international meeting against the G8,
held in Warsaw (Poland) from the 9th to 11th of February with people
from more than 15 different countries. Please spread it as widely as
you can.

Representatives of the G8 members and other major economic powers will
meet in the north of Germany on the 6th-8th of June 2007, closeted
behind a barrier of fences and police soldiers. Simultaneously
thousands of people - opposed to its neo-liberal policies - will
congregate to act in numerous and diverse ways and places. A lot of
different groups and persons are in a daily struggle against different
effects of the policy for profit over people, creating autonomous
spaces, live alternatives and fight the G8 and other global economic
institutions. It is amazing to observe how many groups have the
protests in June on their agenda or are joining it in different ways.
The protests against the G8 will not just be a real desire and attempt
to disrupt this summit meeting, but should be seen as an important
step in the worldwide struggle against capitalism. Not only during the
days of the summit, but a struggle on every day basis.

There have already been global days of actions and solidarity, which
seemed not all very successful. Our resistance is often played out on
their field, by their rules. How could we re-envision these
international acts of resistance in a way where we could actually make
a change? One of the ways that seems to work in the current situation
is blocking the capitalist economy through attacking infrastructure
and the flows of capital across the world.

A large number of the people fighting capitalism and its many forms of
oppression all around the world, can not come to the summit protests
in Germany. This invitation to the global days against capitalism is
an invitation to all of you to link the daily local and global
struggles to each other and act together in a strong and coherent way.

The global day of action against capitalism can be an opportunity to
show the world and ourselves the range of our resistance, of which the
protests against the G8 are only one small part. Effective resistance
must be everywhere and continuous. We should believe in the success of
our actions and with this knowledge and inspiration, we don't go back
to our old life, but let resistance bloom all over the world in 2007
and long afterwards.

We call for actions to take place on the 10 days around the summit
(1st-10th June 2007), which include the days of action on agriculture
(june 3rd), on migration (June 4th), antimilitarism (June 5th) and
climate change (June 8th). Everybody is invited to take part in this
process with his/her ideas and capacity, ranging from sharing
information to direct actions across the world with the aim of
attacking the global economy, by all means necessary. Capitalism never
takes a break. Neither should our resistance!

International Warsaw Meeting on Preparation of the G8 protests-2007

The following text is the concept for mass blockades of the G8 Summit in
Heiligendamm, produced by the "Block G8" network (www.block-g8.org). The
network are looking for international groups, networks and organisations
willing to sign up to the Block G8 Call for blockades (below). The list of
groups in Germany and beyond who have already signed this call are at the end
of this mail. The names of future signatories will be published on our website
and in future publicity. If you would like your group`s name to be included on
the English language Block G8 flyer which will be distributed internationally
via the Rostock III Action Conference in April (see: www.heiligendamm2007.de),
please let us know by March 31st at the latest.

To sign up, please email info@block-g8.org

See you on the streets around Heiligendamm!




On June 6 2007, we want to – and will – massively and effectively blockade the
opening of the G8 Summit, the meeting of the heads of government of the
8 most powerful states, in Heiligendamm, near Rostock in Germany.

With blockades of civil disobedience in which thousands of people from
political, social and cultural backgrounds can participate, we will express a
unmistakable “NO!” against the G8. A radical “NO!” which cannot be ignored. A
public, offensive and practical expression of the lack of legitimacy of the G8
and their policies of neoliberal, globalised capitalism; of wars; of social
and racist exclusion; and of environmental destruction. We will actively disrupt
the G8, occupying and blockading the streets required by the diplomats,
translators and supply vehicles to reach Heiligendamm. We want to practically and
effectively stop the Summit and cut it off from its infrastructure.

The central expression of our blockade will be to show that thousands of
highly diverse people have decided, together, to personally – and with their bodies –
blockade the Summit. Many will announce their participation in the blockade
publicly, showing their names and faces. Regardless of how and where we arrive
at the camps and on the streets around Heiligendamm, we have a common project:
One mass blockade with diverse cultural articulations. Those not organised in
groups – and without blockading experience – will also be able to participate
and receive the solidarity of others. There will be no limits to our
creativity. We see the connection between the functionality and political
articulation of the mass blockade as important. The ‘Überflüssigen’ (i.e. ‘The
Superfluous’ – a direct action group who have been visible in many of the
social protests in Germany over the past few years) with their red sweatshirts
and white face-masks have already announced their intended presence, rebel
clowns will also be there, as will samba drummers. Colourful does not mean
black, but black belongs to colourful.

We come from the environmental and anti-nuclear movement; the
counter-globalisation networks and the radical left; from non-violent action
groups and antifascist milieu; from political party and trade union youth
organisations and church groups. We want to bring our diverse blockading
experience at anti-nuclear waste (CASTOR) transports, anti-war actions, nazi
demonstrations and previous summit protests together in Heiligendamm – as a
powerful and determined mass action with thousands of people and the methods
ofcivil disobedience.

Our objective is to blockade. Therefore, we will overcome the police’s
barriers; pushing them out of the way, going around them, or cannily flowing through
them. We will not allow ourselves to be stopped, distracted, or to get embroiled in
the police’s possible strategy of escalation. Our objective is to reach our
blockading destinations. Our protection is our concept of diversity, mass
participation and desired (media and other) publicity. We need sleeping bags
and everything required for 24 hours on the blockades. There are lots of
people who will simply sit down and blockade the street with their bodies. In
addition, there are people who will remain standing, linking arms in chains and using
foam and balloons to protect their bodies. Some will push back against those
attempting an eviction, to make it more difficult for them. All these
different blockade forms will show solidarity with each other and will not endanger one another. We will remain together and hold our common position. Through the
means of civil disobedience, we will resist by showing solidarity. We do not
want to injure anyone. We will effectively and enduringly blockade the Summit.


Build blockade groups locally and prepare for the Summit. Be creative and
organise action trainings. The better prepared, the more effective the

The ‘Block G8’ campaign is one of many concepts for blockading the G8 which we
support in their different action forms in different locations around
Heiligendamm. We will, therefore, share responsibility for co-ordinating the
overall choreography of blockading activities.



THE CALL>>>>>>>>>>

At the beginning of June 2007, the heads of state and government of the eight
largest economic powers will come together for the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm
near Rostock.As an act of civil disobedience, we will blockade this Summit.

Our reason: The politics of the G8 stand for neoliberal, globalised capitalism,
which dramatically increases the gap between the rich and poor worldwide. With
the “"Block G8" campaign, we say “"No!"” and reject the legitimacy of the G8!

Different initiatives and movements are calling for resistance to the Summit.
People from around the globe will articulate their protest through a diverse
range of actions. The “"Block G8" campaign is one part of this. Take part in
the protest actions and take a stand against the politics of the G8!

In June 2007, the voice of the powerful will not be the only one to be heard:
Tens of thousands of people from around the globe will gather to demonstrate
against the G8 and to take action together. Almost every milieu of the
globalisation-critical movement have been called upon to protest. The other
world will make its voice loud and clear and stand up for a globalisation from
below: for equal rights; for political and cultural rights for all
human-beings; for the right to global freedom of movement; for the responsible
use of natural resources worldwide; for the guaranteeing of public spaces and
goods; and for global social justice.

The “"Block G8"” campaign are organising blockades as an action of civil
disobedience in which thousands of people from different political, social and
cultural backgrounds can take part. Together, through these actions, we
articulate a clear “"No!"” towards the G8. In doing so, however, we will not
only demonstrate; we will actively block the G8 and the access roads to the
conference centre over which the staff of diplomats, translators and service
providers need to pass in order to get to Heiligendamm. We will not leave
these access roads voluntarily, because our action is not intended to remain
symbolic. We want to actually and effectively block the G8 Summit and cut it off from its infrastructure: We've come, and we're here to stay!

During the actions, we want to create a situation which is transparent for all
the blockaders and in which the participants in the action show solidarity by
taking care and supporting each other. Everybody needs to take responsibility
for the success of powerful and decided blockades and mutually respect the
borders and the protest cultures of all the participants. Potential police
brutality, for example during the eviction of a blockade, has to be resisted,
together, by showing solidarity and using the methods of civil disobedience.

Behind the concept of the mass blockades there are groups, organisations and
individuals belonging to: the environmental and anti-nuclear movement; the
globalisation-critical networks and the radical left; from non-violent action
and autonomous antifascist groups; from the youth-wing of political parties
trade unions, as well as church groups. We bring diverse blockade experiences
with us: from the anti-nuclear waste (CASTOR) transports in the Wendland (in
North Germany), from the successful blockades of neo-nazi marches in Berlin,
Kiel and Leipzig, from the “"Resist" campaign against the Iraq war, and from
the protests against previous G8 summits.

The “"Block G8" campaign understands itself as a part of a broad societal
resistance against the G8. The mass blockades, therefore, will fit in with the
other actions and demonstrations and be agreed upon with other groups and
Our actions build on the summit protests of previous years. In 1999 at the
protests against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Seattle it was
possible, for the first time, through mass blockades and other actions, to delay the
conference's opening ceremony for hours –- an event which resonated throughout
the world and marked the arrival of the globalisation-critical movement. With
the actions in Seattle, the first cracks in the project of neoliberal
globalisation were shown. Let's enlarge these cracks together in Heiligendamm!

Declare your participation in the “"Block G8" campaign. Already, ahead of the
Summit, we want to generate pressure against the G8 through thousands of
declarations of intent. We want thousands of people to declare, as far as
possible, that they will take part in the blockades in June 2007.
State your solidarity. If you already know that you cannot go to Heiligendamm,
express your solidarity with the blockaders by signing this declaration of

Form local groups and prepare, together, for blockades in Heiligendamm. The
success of the blockades depend, amongst other things, on well-prepared groups
and individuals. We offer trainings for action groups. Get in touch.
Organise events near you. We will happily come and explain about the G8, to
report on the idea behind the “"Block G8" campaign, to give an impression of
the state of preparations and the possibility for taking part in actions.


THE G8 SUMMITS ARE A SYMBOL. They serve those in government as a demonstration
of their power. Their news reports: There is no alternative to the new world
order. With our action, we want to clearly reject the apparent lack of

AT THE G8 SUMMIT, POLITICS ARE CONCRETELY MADE AND COORDINATED; a politics in which the interests of big business and financial investors are central. Around the globe, the dramatic division between the rich and the poor is worsened; accompanied by the widespread dismantling of social and democratic rights.

When the G8 talk about debt relief and aid programmes for the poor, they remain
silent about the fact that hunger, poverty and indebtedness are the result of
neoliberal, globalised capitalism. The politics of the G8 lead to the unabated
destruction of the basic requirements for human life, secures the access of a
few states to the majority of resources, and is ultimately imposed through

THE G8 IS AN INSTITUTION WITHOUT LEGITIMACY. It is a Club of the governments of only eight states which arrogates to make decisions that affect the lived realities of people around the world. It is not about different policies being
formulated at the G8 summits; far more it is about calling into question and
rejecting the legitimacy of the G8 and its politics in general.



One collective have been collating all the activities of the german state ,and it various national and regional ploice and security forces. It has tracked not only press statements and specific changes in the law to help assist the squashing of peoples democratic right to effective protest, but also has followed the continual harrassment of groups and individuals.

It does us good for the cops and state to knoew that we are watching them watching us!!!!

for a more detailed and interesting look at this from as early as 2005 check out:

http://gipfelsoli.org/Antirepression/834.html from 2005-2006
http://gipfelsoli.org/Antirepression/984.html 2006 up to march this year

06.03.2007 Repression against G8-resistance in Berlin: People wanted to demonstrate in front of the offices of the Berlin representative of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (a kind of embassy) in support of the group that is trying to secure sites for activist camps. About a dozen people wanted to camp outside. The police were obviously alerted beforehand. Activists were searched and checked for their identity. The police were repressive and the atmosphere was tense. Activists were stopped from getting close to the area.
08.03.2007 A further “Security Conference” was held in Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The assistant US embassador Koenig met the interior minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and 35 other “security experts” like the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Federal Police. Koenig says he was “impressed” by the police preparations for Heiligendamm. American approaches are to become a more permanent feature of the “security concept”.
08.03.2007 The Brandenburg police are preparing for the meeting of the interior ministers of the G8 countries. They will meet in Potsdam, close to Berlin on May 31st. Condoleezza Rice will travel on a special train. The police are publicising that international demonstrators will go there to protest on their way to Heiligendamm. They state that the “Black Block” have not yet announced that they will come. They fear actions of the “militante gruppe”, a direct action group that has targetted police cars in the last month, relating their attacks to the G8 summit 2007.
12.03.2007 Brandenburg police prepares for Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Potsdam: even manholes are being welded shut. Berlin’s black bloc, however, has not yet responded to the planned visit, but the police is worried about the ‘militant group’, which has been active in Brandenburg.
12.03.2007 Camp working group controlled by police, cars searched: when activists from the camp working group came to inspect a potential camp site, they were expected and inspected themselves by the police. Their details were recorded, and their cars searched. This is an attempt at intimidation. Lutz Schiefelbein from the camp working group suggested that the next time, there would be a less accommodating response from the activists.
12.03.2007 Illegal raids in Muenchen: a court decided that raids on 11 radical projects and living space, carried out by 157 cops and two prosecutors before the Security Conference (Siko) in Munich, and during which 9 people were temporarily detained, and at least 12 computers were impounded, were (at least partly) illegal.
15.03.2007 Extra practice for Heiligendamm: a riot, a street fight. On one side, uniformed riot police, moving in unison in response the orders barked by their superiors. Dogs, Water Cannons, shields and batons. On the other, black hoodies, sweat pants. The two lines move towards each other. Fighting break out, the green uniforms are victorious. A battle in a civil war? No, only the final practice run for Heiligendamm, organised by the Schwerin police force.
16.03.2007 “Terrorism-experts” join the fray: media reports about the upcoming G8 summit increasingly give space to so-called ‘terrorism experts’ with conservative politics, and links to private security firms as well as numerous security services – such as Rolf Tophoven. These then speculate about highly unspecific ‘terror groups’, and ‘sort targets’. Such vague scenarios are then frequently used to justify increased surveillance.
17.03.2007 Federal Police: G8 summit most likely target of militant antiglobalists, warning of a substantial ‘terrorist threat’ in connection with the summit.
22.03.2007 US-warships to guard Heiligendamm during the summit. According to German security sources, the US president’s Protection Teams have insisted on a sea-based anti-air defense.
23.03.2007 Anti-EU-demo: police refuse a large part of the route. A demonstration against an EU summit called to celebrate the signing, 50 years ago, of the treaties of Rome, has been refused permission to march to the Pariser Platz, in order to keep them as far away as possible from the festivities.
23.03.2007 Police practicing for possible G8-mission. Yesterday, 106 officers practiced for the real thing on an airfield. The point of the exercise was to familiarise officers with large public order situations, such as demonstrations, football matches, or other large events.
23.03.2007 Single cells for G8 protesters: around 50 places in cells are currently being opened up to allow to hold prisoners on remand during and after the protests.
24.03.2007 Police: largest police deployment ever in Germany. German security services fear attacks by Islamists on the upcoming G8 summit, basing this on “up-to-date threats from the dangerous scene, according to a spokesperson for the services. The meeting will be protected by military aircraft, US and German warships, special forces, anti-terror units, as well as 12000 police officers, making this the largest police deployment ever in German history.
25.03.2007 Islamists in Heiligendamm? Contrary to all previous statements, German security services just noticed that “Islamists” were planning for attacks during the summit – in order to justify greater surveillance. The police mission will be the largest ever in Germany. In case of emergency, jets could be scrambled, and Navy Seals deployed.
25.03.2007 Police escalation at the G8-fence: when groups from Hamburg, together with activists from Rostock, tried to conduct an inspection of the fences around Heiligendamm, they were stopped and kettled after 200 metres by 30 police officers. The activists had to identify themselves, and some were searched, during which several officers acted aggressively and insulted activists. Subsequently, and until now unusually, protesters were then banned from returning to the area for a week. After two hours in illegal custody, the activists were allowed to leave.
27.03.2007 Total surveillance for the G8 summit: warships in the Baltic Sea, surveillance from the air, via cameras, phone tapping – this is what awaits the towns of Heiligendamm, Kuehlungsborn, Bad Doberan, and Rostock during the summit. Military experts say: no mouse will leave its hole without being under surveillance.
28.03.2007 Times are getting harder – and resistance (hopefully) stronger. After militant actions against cars of ‘defence’ executives last january and december, federal prosecutors are now coordinating with the federal police, who have set up a special commission to investigate the events. Such a security constellation has not been seen in Hamburg for a number of years.
30.03.2007 data protection experts warn of G8-checks. As for the 30th of May, the residents oh Heiligendamm will be living in a high security zone, everyone who enters or leaves will need a special permit, which only those who consent to giving up all security-relevant data can acquire – even those who work or maybe have a garden there.
31.03.2007 “Surfing intensely”. So far, no journalist has been allowed to visit the small headquarters of “Kavala” in Waldeck. So what are the more than 100 coppers working on? The police trade union visited the place and was impressed with what people there were working on: “surfing intensely”. Beyond that: 130 officers are currently planning the mission, while 55 are working on feeding and housing the force during the action. Kavala will soon be joined by another 120 colleagues from other forces.
01.04.2007 “To make fun of the police and their measures, and thus provoke police officers” – the first edition of the “KAVALA REPORT”, published by the police’s public relations office, informs other police forces about the preparations for Heiligendamm. Most importanly: the specialpolice unit “Kavala” will double in size, to 367 members, drawn from all over the country. The point of the report (which contains all manner of irrelevant information) is to bring the police forces on message. The message being: all those who will not stop their critique of capitalism at ‘technical barriers’. Officers are informed that they will face the ‘anti-globalisation movement’, which already had to be shot at in Gothenburg and Genoa, due to their “looting, bombing, and rioting”. Distinctions are made between ‘peaceful’ and ‘not peaceful’ forms of protest. The clowns get the best rap. Their actions are seen as aiming “to make fun of the police and their measures, and thus provoke police officers”.
02.04.2007 Security concept Heiligendamm: capitalism threatened from all sides! The European police congress, at which businesspeople and politicians meet with security forces to discuss the optimisation of surveillance and control, last february also saw the presentation of the security concept for Heiligendamm. Heads of state are seen as threatened by “different terrorist groupings”, against which no total protection is possible. “Police experts stress over and over that the central location of Heiligendamm in Europe favours a significant intensification of the mobilising efforts of German and international alterglobalists.” In turn, international cooperation amongst police forces is called for and celebrated.
03.04.2007 Police creates photo-bank of all residents of Heiligendamm, including those who will only have business in the town that day. There seems to be no resistance at all to this procedure, although data-protection experts voiced concerns.
04.04.2007 US Navy threatens endangered porpoise: German conservationist NGOs have appealed to the US to refrain from employing sonar on the ships that will be protecting the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, as these have been known to cause mass beachings of porpoises.
11.04.2007 Interior ministers to meet in Heiligendamm. The interior ministers of the Northern German coastal states met on the 12th of April in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, to discuss internal security, in particular preparations for the G8 summit, and football hooliganism.
11.04.2007 Police begins to formally ban activists from inspecting the fence in Heiligendamm: over the last few weeks, activists who have been inspecting the G8-fence (a ‘technical barrier’ in police jargon), activists have increasingly become the target of harassment and repression, with an increasing number being ‘banned’ from visiting the fence. Usefully for the police, the ban is unspecific both with respect to how long it lasts, and which area it actually covers.