About Anarchists Against The Wall in Israel


“Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW) is a direct action group that was established in 2003 in response to the construction of the wall Israel is building on Palestinian land in the Occupied West Bank. The group works in cooperation with Palestinians in a joint non-violent struggle against the occupation.”

Operating under the principle that “It is the duty of Israeli citizens to resist immoral policies and actions carried out in out name”, the AATW is actively resisting the construction of the wall with more than protesting in the streets, governed by the belief that the Israeli segregation of the Palestinian people will not end by itself. Instead, they believe that the only way to end the occupation is by creating a social climate that is “ungovernable and unmanageable” for the Israeli state.

The group is made up of both Israelis and Palestinians and has, in their relatively short existence, already seen some significant victories. In 2004 the AATW joined the struggle of the village of Budrus, whose land was to be almost completely confiscated by the Israelis. Through local mobilization, struggle and popular resistance, Budrus managed to push the path of the wall almost completely off its land instead of vainly appealing to the Israeli courts. Victories like these have seen local resistance grow immensely in popularity and the AATW is present at any local struggle where its presence is requested.

One of the main benefits the AATW is able to offer the villagers struggling to keep their homes is the simple fact that the group is made up of Israelis as well as Palestinians. When Israelis are present in a group of demonstrators facing off with the military, the army is far less likely to try and disperse the crowds using lethal violence. The army and the Israeli government are however trying to prevent Israeli activists from joining the resistance in any way they can, stopping short of firing the business end of a rifle at them. Under current law, it’s possible to indict people for simply taking part in a demonstration.

Over the years, AATW activists have been arrested hundreds of times and have had numerous indictments filed against them. All this an attempt by the Israeli government to try and crush a growing resistance and dissent from within its own borders.For more information about AATW, their actions and how to make a donation, to cover the mounting legal costs of keeping their comrades out of jail, visit their website www.awalls.org

Patrik Kuure

From Workers Solidarity 99, September October 2007

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