Anarchist youth group formed


Late last year some younger anarchists in Dublin and Wicklow got together and formed their own organisation. Workers Solidarity asked them why?How did this group come about?

The group came about after a number of teenagers decided that a sort of anarchist youth group was needed in Ireland. We talked amongst our friends and posted on a number of anarchist listing and youth centred music forums. Many young people want to learn about anarchism and get involved but feel shy to walk into a WSM or Grassroots Dissent meeting. Hopefully this group can welcome the inexperienced or curious anarchist teenager. Over fifteen people attended our first meeting, talks were given by 3 experienced anarchists on a number of issues and we watched a number of radical films.

What sort of activities do you see the collective becoming involved in?

The collective hopes to provide information on anarchism to Irish youth by organising in our schools and communities. This will hopefully bridge the perceived gap between older anarchists and new comers who can sometimes be intimidated. The collective will work towards providing more creative, inclusive and militant forms of resistance as well as supporting others in their struggles. We hope to organise benefit gigs and get a freesheet out in the future. We will also be working with other groups in planning protests, walkouts and direct action.

What do you feel anarchism has to offer young people today?

A way out, a community, a political idea which is not boring and outdated, a political idea which is about getting up and doing something about the racist and capitalist society in which we're stuck in. Anarchism has and will always be associated with angry, frustrated youth, tired of getting beaten around by the cops, sick of the world of consumerism and war and just fed up! It's time the youth of Ireland stand up, get organised and fight back!

How can people contact you?

You can e-mail us at or you can join the yahoo group at We are planning to set up a website and get a PO Box. We also will post up the details of our (hopefully monthly) meeting on

Thanks to W and Sam.

From Workers Solidarity 90, Jan/Feb 2005
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