Canvassing in the Repeal referendum - Kildare view


"I'm pretty sure I could clear that gate in one bound if I get chased down the driveway by a dog...".

This is what you think to yourself as you walk up a very long driveway that had a 'Beware of the Dog' sign on the gate that you respectfully closed behind you on your way in.

Nevertheless, you push on because the Yes side must win out over the ICBR fetusphiles, the American evangelicals and the assortment of women hating Irish fundamentalists.

The good news is that it looks like we might do just that. The responses on the doors in Kildare at least are very encouraging with some residents reporting that the No side's canvassers have been pushy and rude.

The anti-choice activists' aggressive behaviour on the streets is down to three things. Firstly, they are invariably people who combine hatred for women, immigrants and LGBT people in their disgusting world view and fear their loss of power over those groups and that kind of nasty mindset lends itself to being a pretty horrible person. Not exactly the kind of people you'd invite to a party.
Secondly, they know they are losing this battle and are lashing out at Yes campaigners and people on the street due to this. The organised campaign of destruction against Yes posters that we have previously covered is an indication of their anger and desperation.

And most importantly, they know that the nastier they can make the whole referendum campaign seem, the fewer people will come out to vote. This is the reason why you will see No campaigners online talking about 'both sides' being as bad as each other. Transparently, that is just not true but it's part of their strategy to reduce the numbers of people voting which helps their side as they are currently trailing in the polls.

As we enter the last week of the campaign, we will be focusing on trying to get as many people out to vote as possible in order to counter the US funded No side's effort to reduce the turnout.

Though it's a hard slog, we're moving towards an Ireland that trusts and respects women and their choices and away from the Ireland run by the Church. It will all be worth it on May 26th when the Yes vote comes in.

And remember, stay obstreperous!