Chilean feminists call for International Solidarity against the Violence of the State


A Call to International Solidarity with the Chilean People
Feminists of the World Against the Violence of the State!
October 18th, 2019

The President of Chile, in agreement with the National Security Council, has declared a state of emergency – the first one since Pinochet’s dictatorship – in response to protests against the rising cost-of-living and transportation prices that have swept through Santiago. The right to assembly and freedom of movement have been effectively restricted, and control of the nation’s capital has been turned over to the army, which is currently deployed in the streets. Nonetheless, the people have come out to protest at hundreds of locations throughout Santiago and across the country, facing their fear and breaking their silence.

A national day of protest has been called for Monday, October 21st, and we ask feminists worldwide to join us in demonstrations at their country’s Chilean embassies or consulates to let them know, in a single voice, that we will never go back to living in a dictatorship, that we stand together and that together, ​Somos + (​ We are MORE).

We request that any and all acts of solidarity be recorded and sent to​ for wider distribution.

In Solidarity,
La Coordinadora Feminista 8 de Marzo / The March 8th Feminist Coordinator