Council sends out 1000's of letters threatening anti-bin tax protesters


Despite the fact that the Dublin City Council effectively has it's hands tied (not being able to take anyone to court until the case outstanding from September is heard in the High Court) they could not let the Christmas pass without trying to frighten people into paying their precious double-tax.

Thousands of letters were sent out to residents demanding payment for the bin-tax or threatening court action within eleven days of this nasty letter being sent out. Let's get some facts straight. The council cannot take anyone to court until the case is heard in the High Court. Yes - they did have one case awarded in their favour but that was because the person summonsed to appear did not contact the campaign, seek our help or even show up in court on the day itself.

So, thanks to the high level of non-payment, the city manager and his cronies were busy trying to scare the living daylights out of people by threatening to take them to court for Christmas despite this being legally impossible. It just shows you how strong the resistance to this double-tax is when they have to resort to such lies and threats.

Then, also in no small part due to the immense work being carried out by the campaign, the councillors themselves decided to vote against the estimates for 2003 by 27 votes to 22. This is because the people though out the City have let them know in no uncertain terms how they felt by their non-payment and protests. At the time of writing it's expected that there is going to be some deal cobbled together on Jan 16th at another meeting to ensure that the council is not abolished. Like the recent Nice referendum it appears that the Government has decided to put this issue to another vote until it gets the "correct" answer it wants from the council.

For 2003 we can expect bigger bills arriving in the door. We can expect more threats and we can expect them to do everything in their power to make us pay. But we shall not pay. We shall build the campaign and be even stronger. We have to talk to our friends and neighbours and convince them not to pay this years increased bin-tax. Together in our unity and strength we will drive the bureaucrats of the council, the Government and Europe even more demented as they try and squeeze money out of us for a service that we have already paid for.

Next meeting of Dublin Activists - Feb. 17th 19.30hrs Teachers Club 36 Parnell Sq. D2

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