Hugely welcome - Doctor Mary Favier on the ABC judgements implication for the pro-choice movement


Dr Mary Favier, a Cork GP and a founder member of Doctors for Choice, says the ABC case decision is a hugely welcome, important and significant decision. That will make a fundamental difference and force the government to legislate for the X Case. She then explains the background to the ABC v Ireland case currently before the European Court of Human Rights. She explains why the outcome of the case (and the issues it raises) are central to the predicament currently faced my thousands of Irish women every year in Ireland. Pointing out the Irish Government has fought the three women (A, B and C) along every step of their long and arduous route to the European Court, she also addresses the issue of the silence of within the Irish medical profession in relation to the matter of abortion. Over 5000 Irish women leave Ireland each year to have abortions in European countries.

She explains the details of the C case, the women had consulted a number of doctors but none were willing to give consultations because of the legal implications around abortion provision. She had to do research on the internet before traveling to Britain for an abortion.

She says that Doctors should welcome this decisions as silence has been a significant problem. In her opinion doctors will welcome the decision because they can now seek specific training.

Dr Mary Favier, a Cork GP and a founder member of Doctors for Choice by Radio Solidarity

After she gives her opinion of the judgement the others questions Mary addresses are 

1) Can you explain the back ground to this case briefly.

2) What are the main points in each of the case – A, B, C

3) What do these cases mean in terms of current ban on abortion provision in Ireland

4) And the Irish government have opposed this case that has been brought by the three women, is that right? 

5) Why has the medical profession been silent?

6) I have read that you have said in the past that this silence of the medical profession contradicts best practice? Is that your view and why?

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