Dublin - Alliance for Choice launched


The 20th anniversary of the anti-choice referendum of 1983 saw the launch of a new pro-choice campaign, 'The Alliance for Choice' launched in Dublin. Since 1983 over 100,000 Irish women have had to travel to England for abortions.

At the launch Cathleen O'Neill, drawing on her experience over the past 20 years said:

"If I had a pound for every fundraiser I worked on to help working class women go to England for an abortion, I'd be a rich woman. Taking children into our homes for the duration of the visit - pretending that Mammy was gone to a funeral; holding pub quizzes, and running limited draws, as well as running sales of work and raffles under weird and wonderful names to preserve anonymity. Almost every other week. It's bad enough for those who can afford to travel, but for poorer women it's hell. It's time those who claim to represent us to get a grip on reality and take steps to end this nightmare."

The Alliance for Choice can be contacted at AfC, PO Box 8852, Phibsboro, Dublin 7 or by email at allianceforchoice@eircom.net

This page is from the print version of the Irish Anarchist paper 'Workers Solidarity'.

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This edition is No77 published in September 2003