Dublin bus routes to be sold off


There is nothing wrong or "inefficient" in subsiding public transport. It's a lot cheaper to provide regular, dependable and affordable (or free!) buses and trains than to have even more car usage. More cars on the road means more road building, more road repairs, more traffic jams and more air pollution.

Transport Minister Seamus Brennan now intends to sell off 25% of Dublin Bus routes from January, and another 25% each year after that. Waiting eagerly is Metroline, a part of the Delgo multinational. They have already bought up Aerdart, City Link and started a Galway to Shannon route.

They are an anti-union firm who have shown their true colours in Glasgow and Edinburgh where they have made working conditions worse than before and cut back the actual bus service. Afterall, their only interest is in making as much profit as possible.

The private companies will seek to underbid Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann for the routes by employing non-unionised workers on fixed term contracts, with lower pay and little in the way of pension or other benefits.

After an initial honeymoon period the less profitable services will be cut back. To expect anything else is to expect that greedy fat cat capitalists will suddenly decide to put our needs before their wealth. Some chance!

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This edition is No76 published in August 2003