Dublin gets new radical centre


After more than a year of searching for a suitable venue, the Seomra Spraoi collective has finally taken possession of a space at 6 Ormond Quay, across the river from Bono’s Clarence Hotel. Despite the long wait, the hard work of the collective seems to have paid off, as the Seomra’s calendar struggles to fit all those who wish to use the space. Every week it hosts meetings for the Revolutionary Anarcha-Feminist Group, Anarchist Prisoner Support, the Revolt Video film collective, as well as the regular Thursday assembly of the Seomra Spraoi collective.But the Seomra is not just about meetings and organisation, it is an ongoing attempt to create a genuinely free space, organized collectively by the people who use it. Part of its project is an ongoing attempt to challenge and overcome oppressive behaviour such as sexism, racism, and hetero-sexism. In order to do so, the collective has constructed a ‘positive spaces’ policy which explores these issues and creates a structure for confronting this behaviour as it occurs.

With all the positive activity happening in the Seomra, the future looks bright for Dublin’s growing libertarian community. If you wish to participate come to one of the weekly meetings, or see seomraspraoi.org for more details.

This article is from Workers Solidarity 94 Nov/Dec 2006

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