Galway sees Day of action against Fine Gael think-in


The Fine Gael party was confronted with angry scenes at not one but two different blockades during a meeting of the parliamentary party in Galway city yesterday.   Taoiseach Enda Kenny and his cabinet were attending their pre-budget think-in at the luxury Radisson hotel when some 30 students from the NUIG Free Education for Everyone (FEE) group and the Students’ Union blockaded the entrance in protest at the government’s policy of education cuts, registration fee increases and the ever-looming prospect of full fees.  They were joined by two dozen members of the Save Roscommon Hospital Alliance who were equally intent on showing the Fine Gael party what they think of their callous indifference to the welfare of the working class. 

Two members of FEE successfully took part in a lock-on for over three hours at the entrance to the hotel car park, making it impossible for the significant Garda and Public Order Unit presence to clear the road, despite their best attempts at driving the students back with force and violence.  Several TDs and ministers were turned away by Gardaí and had to enter via a side door. 

Later in the day, the Galway City Hall was blockaded by campaigners from Galway unites against cuts, Galway alliance against war, Shell to Sea and more, as well as members of the WSM and other groups.  Ministers and TDs struggled to make their way inside as the Gardaí fought to clear the path of protestors.

No arrests were made and it was made clear to our rulers how deeply unpopular their policies are.  They can expect a similar reception wherever they try to meet over the coming months as they plan yet another barbaric budget and continue to do the bidding of their IMF/ECB rulers.  

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WORDS: Ben Ó Ceallaigh