Garda attacks TDs - the centre is not holding


In a further escalation of police repression against anti-bailout protesters, a motorbike Garda attacked at least two Sinn Féin TDs (elected members of the Irish parliament) in front of the world's TV cameras today.  The TDs were attempting to push back a small number of demonstrators who had pushed through the gates of government buildings.  From TV footage the demonstration seems to have been mostly composed of fellow members of Sinn Féin.

RTÉ have not, as yet, broadcast footage, but they have put it up on their web site as as 'extra'.  You can view it here. RTÉ have had a poor record of releasing footage of police violence - three weeks back when Gardai attacked a student demonstration it took a full 6 days before graphic footage appeared on RTÉ, and then only after tens of thousands had already viewed some of this footage on Youtube.

Last night a man was injured by Gardai at another demonstration in front of Leinster House.  As the crisis has deepened the Garda violence against protesters, that was once only common against those struggling against Shell in Mayo, has been unleashed in Dublin again and again.

WORDS: Andrew

The less graphic footage broadcast by the BBC

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