Household Tax: Union Branches support 'Don't Register, Don't Pay' campaign



2 branches of the INTO (Irish National Teachers Organisation) - Dublin North City and Gorey Co. Wexford - have passed a motion condemning the Household tax and supporting the campaign of non-registration and non-payment  at their Annual General Meetings.  


The motion further calls on the CEC (Central Executive Committee) of the union to “support in any way possible INTO members who are victimised for refusing to register for or pay this tax.”


This motion will now go forward to the preliminary agenda for the union's Annual Congress which takes place in Killarney from 9th to 11th April.  Branches will have to prioritise motions in the lead up to the Congress and the Standing Orders Committee will draw up the final agenda so there is no guarantee that this motion will actually make it to the conference floor but nevertheless it is extremely positive that two branches have taken this position, reflecting the level of opposition to this tax that is manifesting itself at huge public meetings all across the country.  


Anti-Household Tax activists who are active in the INTO should ensure that their branches vote to prioritise this motion at their pre-Congress meetings in March.  Activists in other unions should try to propose similar motions at their meetings.


The full text of the motion is:


(a) Condemns the continued austerity policies of the Government as seen in the budget in December which clearly place the interests of bankers and speculators over ordinary Irish citizens

(b) Notes the impact the Universal Social Charge, pay cuts, pension levy, rising mortgage payments are having on the lives of all public servants  and further notes that the quality of life of many INTO members is further decimated by the burden of negative equity

(c) Opposes the introduction of a household charge/ property tax which is another way of imposing the bank debt on ordinary working people including teachers.

(d) Supports the campaign of non registration and non payment of this unjust household tax.

(e) Instructs the CEC to support in any way possible INTO members who are victimised for refusing to register for or pay this tax."

Gregor Kerr Chair District 14 INTO (personal capacity)