Garda repression builds for huge water tax demonstration in Dublin Oct 11th


Following increasing Garda suppression of community resistance to water meters tens of thousands of people took part in a march against the water tax in Dublin on October 11th. This was the largest demonstration since 2010 and reflects a broad rejection of the way the costs of the capitalist crisis continue to be imposed on ordinary workers. The huge size of the demonstration certainly suggest a mass boycott of the tax could make it impossible to implement, as was the case in the last attempt to introduce a water tax.

On October 8th we reported on two such incidents
"A big mob of Garda got very heavy handed with residents protesting the imposition of water meters in Clarehall this afternoon. As people are knocked to the ground the crowd can be heard shouting 'Shame on You' and someone cries 'Leave him alone. Fucking hell, there is no need for it' before the video cuts out.

A resident described how it had been a peaceful protest all morning with people standing hand in hand before the police attacked them. She's been protesting for three weeks and says the experience has opened her eyes." (Watch video)

Community resistance to water meter installation is continuing across Dublin with large numbers of Gardai deployed to help GMC Sierra install meters.

This video was shot this morning in Clanbrassil Close near the city centre. As pointed out "GMC Sierra is owned by Denis O'Brien who also owns / controls the Evening Herald, The Sunday World, The Irish Independent, The Sunday Independent, Today FM, Newstalk, 98FM and Spin FM. So don't be expecting any criticism of the Garda tactics from the private media (or the state media either)"

You can get an idea of the size of the march from this video of the first 3 of about 90 minutes passing the O'Connell statue and from our Photo album on Facebook.

Garda repression after the massive demonstration continued, on Oct 13th we reported that
"Only a couple of days after Saturday's huge march and Gardai are already shoving water tax protesters around in Edenmore this morning.

This video from a little over an hour ago shows a mob of Gardai shoving residents back to clear space for a water meter installation. This is happening on Glenwood rd if anyone is in the area and able to help out."

Edenmore was to become a key flashpoint in the struggle against water meter installations leading to injunctions against the 'Edenmore 9'

WORDS: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )

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