Issues of Workers Solidarity from 1996 - WS #47-#48-#49


Workers Solidarity No 47 Spring 1996

Stuff the Water charges
513 Anarchists arrested in Greece
Anarchist students win in Australian NUS elections
Cork Workers Strike Against Low Pay
Bans or legalisation?
Direct Action Against Drugs: Murder & Thuggery
Travellers March against Shanty Towns
A new world in their Hearts: Spain 1936
Divorce Victory: Clerical Power Weakened
Irish delegation returns from Mexico
Review: BAD - The Autobiography of James Carr
About Mikhail Bakunin
South African Anarchists Organise
Czech Anarchists battle Fascists
French Workers Take on their bosses
Uncle Sams Torture Trade
Thinking about Anarchism: Anarchism & Democracy
Feed the World don't Arm the World

Workers Solidarity No 48 Summer 1996

Water Charges
Cork strikers need support
Homeless in Ireland in 1996
The hidden history of squatting in Ireland
Race hate at the Indo
Bombs are no solution
Northern workers paid less
BEWARE ...the Butchers 0f Social Welfare
News from the land of the Cedars
Anarchism in Arabic
Mexican Anarchism
Bengali workers fight 7-day week
Revolutionary Veteran speaks at Bulgarian anarchist conference
Anarchists in Russia's far east
Swedish trade union stays Libertarian
Free Women of Spain
Crime and Punishment
What is Direct Action
Anarchisms greatest Hits No 2...Errico Malatesta
The World Bank
I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels
The Basic Bakunin, writings 1869-1871

Workers Solidarity No 49 Autumn 1996

Who guards the guards?
It's still an Orange state
Strikes increase
An Post strike
Early Learning Strike won
14,000 Join anti-water charges campaign
Anarchists raided in Canada
Fascists lose USENET vote
Mary Robinson and the UN
Liverpool dockers strike
Spain 60 years on
The State, Democracy and Anarchism
Emma Goldman
Against Private Property?