Kildare turns out for Repeal


There was a solid turnout at the TogetherforYes public information meeting in Newbridge Kildare the evening of 26th March. Great venue too. 

20th March - An anti-choice roadshow, featuring impeached former UCD Students’ Union president, Katie Ascough, appears to have been asked to move on by Penneys in Newbridge. You may remember Katie from the time she wasted eight grand of UCD students union money and lost her position as a result.

The group of approximately 10, almost all older, people had already been in Naas earlier in the day and were expected to be in Newbridge for around two hours but moved on after only 40-50 minutes. They spent a lot of time in front of a cameraman beside the entrance to Penneys where they had parked one of their signature poster vans.

Given the fact that local schools were releasing their students back into the wild for another day at the time, it's fortunate that these anti-choicers didn't bring some of their more gruesome Photoshopped imagery. Although had they done so they could have been asked to move on by Gardaí, as has happened before in Kilkenny.

Some onlookers stopped to take pictures of them as they were leaving and one motorist was seen to roll down his window and give the van driver an unfriendly gesture as he passed them.

While these anti-choicers had to retreat with their tails between their legs, the local pro-choice campaign is going strong and could use your help and donations.

Find 'South Kildare 4 Repeal' here: