Overheard pre budget conversation in Cork


Overheard pre budget conversation between two women shoppers in Aldi in Cork city.

 First woman “...... and now they’re gonna make us pay tax for having a house for Godsakes.”

Second woman “I know it’s shocking, it’s hard enough getting by without that.  I saw somewhere that it will start at 100 and could go up to 1000, who the hell can afford that around here only the druggies.”

 First woman “Well there was a meeting about it the other week in the community centre about setting up a campaign.”

Second woman “Yes very good, I’ll be supporting that, I ‘ll  get to the next one, will you go with me.”

First woman “I certainly will, if you don’t stand up to them now , what the hell is next. I voted for the labour fella you know.”

Second woman “Another twofaced langer, he better not darken my door again.”

First woman “Well I’m not paying they can go to hell this time.”

And so the wheel turns.