Pamphlets on anarchism


There is an increasing number of books about anarchism being published every year. As anarchism grows in popularity more anarchist organisations are able to produce books, and mainstream commercial publishers certainly see this growing popularity as a way of making extra cash.

However, not a lot of people will want to spend 15 or 20 euro on an anarchist book unless they are already interested in the politics. In short supply have been the cheap pamphlets that allow you to check out anarchist ideas without spending the equivalent of two or three hours pay.

The South African anarchists who run Zabalaza Books have been busy doing their bit to fill this gap. Their website [] has free pdf versions of over 100 anarchist pamphlets ready to print out if you have a computer and printer.

For those without the necessary equipment (and that's probably about 75% of us), some of them are now available in Ireland:

ANARCHISM, it's Aims, Methods and Principles Explained. Written by Irish and South African anarchists, this gives an overview of class, direct action, private property, the state, trade unions, democracy, religion, and much more. 44 pages for ¤2.50

POWER AND AUTHORITY by Mikhail Bakunin. The guy sometimes called the 'father' of modern anarchism spells it out. 8 pages for ¤0.50

THE WAGE SYSTYEM by Peter Kropotkin. Can we do without the wage system. 12 pages for ¤0.75

MANIFESTO OF LIBERTARIAN COMMUNISM by Georges Fontenis. Written in 1953 by for the Federation Communiste Libertaire of France. It is one of the key texts of the anarchist-communist current. 32 pages for ¤2.00

WAR by Peter Kropotkin. Written almost a century ago, recent warmongering by Bush, Blair and Hussein show how relevant it still is. 8 pages for ¤0.50

CUBA: Socialist paradise or Castro's fiefdom? By Dermot Sreenan. Is Cuba socialist? What do we mean by socialism? 8 pages for ¤0.50

SISTERS IN ARMS: women in the Spanish Revolution. A collection of articles looking at the role of anarchist women. 28 pages for ¤1.50

THE FREEDOM TO SUCCEED by Deirdre Hogan. The reality of the rural collectives during the Spanish Civil War. Anarchism in the countryside. 8 pages for ¤0.50

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