Report on the Haiti Solidarity Day demo


The 7th of February is quite an important day in Haitian recent history and we would dare to say that is a very important day for the working class' struggles all overthe world -that's the day of the fall of the Duvalier's tyranny back in 1986. Since then, there has been demonstrations in Haiti commemorating that milestone in their struggle for liberation, but at the same time, to remind the people that there's still a long way of struggles ahead.

The Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) and the Latin American Solidarity Centre (LASC) in Ireland, decided to stage a demonstration outside the Brazilian embassy that day, to show our solidarity with the Haitian people's struggle. As decided we met at 6:30. The picket line, consisting of a fluctuating number of around 25 people, lasted until 7:00 o'clock. We chanted slogans against the UN military occupation and against the Latin American troops present in the mission. Some curious people came to talk with us about what was going on in Haiti and we told them and handed some leaflets explaining the reason of our visit.

We sent once again a clear message: no one is forgotten, we are not indifferent to no struggle and coming from the working class, our sympathy will always lie with the workers and the poor who struggle for freedom and equality. Our struggle is the same struggle as those in Haiti or anywhere that imperialism and capitalism oppresses and exploits the masses.

End the Military Occupation of Haiti!

For a Socialist and Libertarian Alternative to the current global crisis!