Rossport - Go west (and make Shell go offshore)


Though the issue of the Rossport pipeline was last in the news when the the five local men were released from prison, the conflict with Shell hasn't gone away. Since then the government commissioned a report, which essentially whitewashed Shell and gave the go ahead to build this dangerous pipelineThe people of Rossport, however, are not lying down in the face of either the multinational or government. Last summer they stopped Shell from carrying out pipeline work. This summer the plan is the same. Safety is not negotiable.

Five years ago when Shell decided to push ahead with this pipeline it was clear it wasn't safe. Five years later, government reports or bullying a small community will not change this fact. It wasn't safe then and it isn't safe now.

Beyond safety, the Shell is ripping us off. Five years ago Shell got the deal of a century when our esteemed leaders gave them the entire gas field and then paid them to build the refinery by giving them massive tax breaks on all their construction work. If it was a rip-off then, it's still a rip-off now.
Shell are aware that they face a very strong campaign and so have been sending out fancy leaflets all across Mayo telling people how safe the pipeline is. They are getting ready for a big push to have it built this spring.

The local Campaign is also preparing too. Last autumn a delegation went to Norway to successfully publicise the complicity of Statoil, who own the second largest stake in the field.

At the moment there are several people preparing a camp site in Mayo to facilitate people who want to go and show solidarity. The camp is opening on February 25th and is for all interested in showing solidarity with the people of Rossport.

In this sparsely populated area the campers will help with the continuous picket which makes sure that Shell don't start their pipelaying. If you have a few days to spare, come to Mayo and help with the blockades. If you can't get to Mayo, you can get in touch with your local 'Shell to Sea' group.

For more information about the camp contact Bob 0863201612. http://

From Workers Solidarity 90, Jan/Feb 2005
PDF file of WS 90