Dub: Shell's pipeline - the final leg, the final conflict


A decade after the process was begun to impose an experimental raw gas pipeline and refinery on the people of Erris we are entering into the final stage of the battle opposing its construction. Shell are about to attempt to lay the onshore pipe. Shell always expected this to be the most difficult part of the struggle which is why they left the attempt to build this section of pipeline till last.

Dublin Shell to Sea are asking you to come to a meeting to plan how we can resist this final stage.

We believe this plan can be disrupted and halted in its opening months, a campaign that will also put the enormous pressure needed on the new government to renegotiate the Great Oil & Gas Giveaway.

Over that decades thousands of us have stood in solidarity withe local resistance to this project and hundreds have spent days, weeks and months in the area. Despite the deployment of hundreds of Gardaí and the Navy to aid Shell, one of the largest companies in the world, it has seen its plans delayed and defeated time and again, forcing repeated returns to the drawing board and huge delays in the project. Concessions have been won that have cost the corporation tens if not hundreds of millions but which fail to address either the fundamental dangers of accident and pollution inherent in the project design or the fact that Shell and other corporations are being given vast quantities of Oil & Gas for next to no benefit for the people inIreland.

Shell's plan for the final stage of the project which will involvetrying to tunnel under Sruwaddacon Bay, a Special Area of
Conservation. Our examination of the Shell plan reveal an enormous project which will leave installations surrounded by electric fences and permanent security spy points for the decades to come when Shell hope to pipe & refine the raw gas.

We are therefore making this appeal to you to come along to a meeting to hear the details of Shell's plan and to together discuss how we can defeat it.

Meeting is at 2pm, Wynn's Hotel, 12 March


Opening speakers to bring everyone up to speed


Shells plans & where we are at now: Paul from Rossport Solidarity Camp

What do the local community want: Pat “The Chief” O’Donnell.

Short Question & answer session facilitated by Caoimhe from Dublin Shell to Sea


We will then move on to a group discussion of the practicalities of what we in Dublin can do to show solidarity with the struggle both here and by traveling to Erris.  The point of this meeting is not for Dublin Shell to Sea to tell people what our plans are to oppose the final stage of the inland gas refinery in Mayo. It is for people who are committed to being involved in the final stage of this struggle to let us know what they can do and for us to plan together accordingly on that basis.

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