New Years eve Solidarity with Gaza

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New Years Eve in Dublin saw a gathering on the Hapenny bridge in Dublin to mark the anniversary of 'Operation Lead' when the Israeli attack on Gaza killed more that 1400 people.  Meanwhile in Israel there were arrests of Israeli activists protesting the killing of a Palestinian women, Jawaher Abu Rahmah by teargas.

The Dublin event was organised by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign. IPSC Chairperson Freda Hughes said: "This is an annual event in which our supporters congregate at a well-known Irish landmark in order to show solidarity internationally with the people of Gaza."

Demonstrations also took place in Israel over the New Year after a Palestinian women, Jawaher Abu Rahmah, died as the result of being targeted with tear gas by the Israeli military during a demonstration in Bilin. carried a report of protests across Palestine many of which had been targetted in such a manner.  The tear gas was of US manufacture and 11 anarchists were arrested in a demonstration yesterday where they returned a number of tear gas canisters to the US ambassador.  According to the YNET website  "The anarchists arrived at the US diplomat's home overnight carrying posters. Police officials said the suspects were also carrying Palestinian flags, tear gas canisters and spray."

There had already been 8 arrests at a protest of 100's at the IDF HQ in Tel Aviv.  The protesters said that "even in the heart of Tel Aviv, the Israeli police treats citizens as enemies, crushing their freedom of expression and operating as storm troops of the right extremists."


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