Solidarity with the Irish people demonstration called in Paris for tomorrow

Date: has announced that a demonstration is being held in Paris, France tomorrow to coincide with the ICTU demonstration in Dublin under the slogan of 'Solidarity with the Irish people'.  The demonstrations called by 8 French organisations will be taking place at the European Union offices of bld Saint Germain, the organisers include the WSM's sister Anarkismo group in France, Alternative Libertaire.

A tidied up google translation of the call reads "After the Greek people, it now falls on the Irish people to suffer the anti-social requirements of the European Union and International Monetary Fund.  Family allowance, minimum wage, welfare, jobs and public services are being attacked again by a drastic austerity plan. This is the price to pay to save the banks and let the speculators continue their work of undermining living conditions! Europe will have no meaning unless it is social solidarity.

On Saturday, November 27, the Irish will be in the street. We call on all organizations wishing to show their solidarity and to reject the austerity plans for today and tomorrow to protest.

 See you this Saturday at 15 am, before the Permanent Representation of the European Union in Paris 288 bld Saint Germain (75007 Paris, Metro National Assembly).

Protest called by the following organizations: AC!, Attac, Fondation Copernic, FSU, European market, No Vox, Trade Union Solidarity, Utopia."

You can read the original in French on

This call is a timely reminder that the talk of our rulers as the crisis being a case of 'Ireland against German or France' is nonsense.  The wealthy 1% of Europe are standing together to force the mass of the population of Europe to pay the costs of the crisis.  The workers of Europe from Greece to Ireland to France to Germany must stand together to resist them.