A Summer School for Radicals and Activists

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Activist Fleadh – A Summer School for Radicals

Thesummer school is an exciting opportunity designed to enable us all - activists and non-activists, radicals of all ages and people in many different communities, movements and struggles - to find spaces to talk to each other about what we have in common:

...- What are the big structures of power and inequality that shape our world, and how do we meet them?
- How can we find effective ways of protesting, disrupting, constructing alternatives and taking action?
- How can our local struggles connect to large-scale strategies for change that have a real chance of success?
- What is the "big picture" in terms of global justice and ecological sustainability, and where do we fit in?
- How do personal transformation and the development of leadership come into the struggle for a better world?

For more information and a registration form contact: cathleen@kilbarrackcdp.com

For detailed programme see http://url.ie/7376