Support those facing charges for Direct Action at Shannon


As we go to press, at least 19 people are currently facing prosecution out of the October and March direct actions at Shannon airport. In addition 5 people are in the courts arising from the Catholic Worker/Ploughshares 'decommissioning' of a US military transport plane. Mary Kelly is facing charges for taking a hammer to the same plane on an earlier occasion, and Eoin Dubsky for spraypainting a warplane.

Cash is needed for legal costs and for travel to remand hearings. These people not only protested against war, but also bravely did their bit to end the use of Shannon by warplanes. Not everyone can do this but most of us can manage a contribution towards their legal fund.

Donate to the Ploughshares Defense Fund by making cheques payable to Peace and Reconciliation, c/o Ploughshares, 134 Phibsborough Road, Dublin 7.

Donate to the 19 direct action defendants: Cheques can be made out to Shannon Solidarity, and sent to Shannon Solidarity c/o Ecology Society, Students Centre, NUIG, Newcastle, Galway.

Or money can be sent to the Bank of Ireland, NUIG, Newcastle, Galway; account number 89174196,

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This edition is No75 published in March 2003