Report from the Terence Wheelock Anniverary march


On Saturday 16th September member of the WSM took part in the 'Justice for Terence Wheelock' march from Sean McDermot Street church to Store street Gardai station where he died in custody. The WSM supports the families demand for a full independent enquiry.

The text below is from the leaflet distributed by Terence's family in the Summerhill area

Justice for Terence Wheelock

Terence Wheelock, a 20 year old young man from Dublin’s North Inner city, died after a 3 month battle for life due to injuries he sustained while in Garda custody at Store St Garda station on September 16th 2005. The case has caught the attention of the public due to the strange circumstances that led to his untimely death. He was arrested along with three others on suspicion of car theft and brought to a separate Gardastation.. Hs family claim that Terence has an alibi for this alleged offence. The family are calling for the establishment of a full independent enquiry to the circumstances that have led to Terence’s death.


• Why was Terence’s mother brought to a hospital on the South side of Dublin while Terence was lying critically ill in the Mater which is on Dublin’s north side?
• Why have the Gardai not returned Terence’s clothes 15 months after they were first taken?
• Why even after so long have his clothes not been forensically examined when his family was told to have faith in the state’s forensic laboratory?
• Why was the cell where Terence sustained so may injuries in renovated before his legal team and engineers had time to examine it?
• Why was the custody records, which are a legal document, interfered with and names removed from it? This is an illegal act
• Why did Terence have a serious cut and extensive bruising on his body verified by the doctors and the state pathologist?
• Why have the family been subjected to a very public onslaught of intimidation and violence by the Gardai?
• And why have the Gardai harassed this family to the point that the Whellock family had to leave their family home of 20 years and move to the south side of Dublin?

The Wheelock family are seeking a fair and just medium of investigation i.e. and independent enquiry. And need your support

Support the families campaign for justice

If you need any more information phone 087 6221218 or email at Justice for Terence Wheelock