That's Capitalism WS78


One in eight people in prison in the 26 counties left school at age 12 or younger. Less than 17% stayed in school until age 17 or older. According to the Prison Adult Literacy Survey released in September, 52% of prisoners are functionally illiterate. Yet the government prefers the option of jailings rather than putting the necessary resources into the schools - which would doubtlessly reduce the incidence of petty and anti-social crime.

While Hewlett-Packard made 27,000 workers redundant across the world, it rewarded its chief executive, Carla Fiorina, with a 231% pay rise. AOL Time-Warner recently laid off 4,380 workers but found enough cash to give its chief executive, Gerald Levin, a staggering 1,612% rise.

Napalm is a mixture of kerosene and polystyrene which sticks to human flesh as it burns. In 1980 Ireland signed a United Nations convention outlawing its manufacture, supply and use. Mark 77 firebombs made of 63 gallons of jet fuel (kerosene) and 22 pounds of polymer gel (upgraded polystyrene) are still being manufactured despite the UN ban. More than 200 US military cargo flights and 400 others on charter carried these munitions though Shannon this year. As with telling the truth and keeping promises, international law does not seem to apply to governments.

This page is from the print version of the Irish Anarchist paper 'Workers Solidarity'.

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This edition is No78 published in November 2003