Video from Anti protest barrier on Kildare street as man climbs over


The scene at the bottom of Kildare street where the anti democratic protest barrier was erected to stop people getting within earshot of the politicians in the Dail. All days thousands of people stopped here to demand access to Kildare street.

In this scene one man turns to the crowd and asks if he will really be arrested if he tries to walk up the street. He then climbs over the barrier and starts to walk only to be rushed by several Gardaí. As the crowd chants 'shame' more Gardaí come down the street and stand on the inside of the barrier, and after some time the man is allowed to climb back over the barrier.

Frustration built over the day at this point as many people have come to the demonstration to let the politicians up the street in Lenister house know how they feel. The state's response in the afternoon was to deploy the riot squad, complete with attack dogs. 

WORDS & VIDEO Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )