Cops attack water charge protesters in Santry & Coolock as Enda meets O'Brien


There were significant disturbances in Santry & Coolock last night following a Garda assault on water charge campaigners protesting a visit by Enda Kenny and Denis O'Brien.

These images are from the video at the link  which shows why the campaigners became so outraged. As Enda Kenny drove through the crowd (flashing a dismissive thumbs up sign at the protesters) Garda were assaulting them and throwing them to the ground.

Later multiple arrests were made as Enda left the event and then Garda attacked solidarity protesters with pepper spray who had gone to Coolock Garda station.

Fine Gael, Labour and Irish Water offered non-payers meaningless carrots two days ago. Last night they took out the stick. Lets show them we will not be intimidated.

We've heard report of 5 arrests being made and a protest outside Coolock Garda station. These arrests were made as Garda attacked protesters as part of trying to get Kenny and O'Brien out of Northwood. Those arrested have been taken to Coolock Garda station and it's just been reported that pepper spray has been used against the solidarity protest outside.

There has also been an arrest of a water charges protester in Cabra, apparently on his own and simply filming GMC. And the North Quays were blocked earlier after the High Court granted a 20m exclusion zone to Irish Water & GMC Sierra.

WORDS: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )

We have just received this video footage of the scenes outside Coolock Garda station this evening as gardaí attack and pepper-spray anti water charge protestors.

Earlier today 5 local residents were arrested as they blockaded Taoiseach Enda Kenny at Santry Sports Clinic.

The High Court today granted water meter installation company GMC Sierra a 20-metre 'exclusion zone' around water meter installation sites.

What we are being told by those who rule over us is that they will tolerate protest as long as it is ineffective. We can stand around waving placards at Enda Kenny, or we can stand 20 metres away from a water meter installation. But at the point at which our protests become effective - when they disrupt the work of putting in meters or when they halt the mercs of our 'leaders' all the forces of the state will be used against us.

But they have no power against a united people. Standing together we can win. And every time they attack us - either in the courts or with their batons and pepper spray - it should renew our determination to tell them where they can shove their water bills.

Solidarity with those feeling the brunt of the state's force this evening

WORDS :Gregor Kerr