WSM takes part in 2016 Bloody Sunday march in Derry


On Sunday, a group of WSM and other anarchists took part in the annual March for Justice in Derry which commemorates the civil rights marchers who were shot dead by the British Parachute Regiment on 30 January 1972.

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"Bloody Sunday is unfinished business. The Inquiry Report published in 2010 met some but by no means all the demands of the campaign for truth and justice. The Inquiry found that all of the dead and wounded had been unlawfully shot. But the key demand for prosecution of the perpetrators continues to be thwarted at every turn.


The campaign for the full truth has lasted for 44 years. We will continue along the path, sustained by the knowledge that we are accompanied every step of the way by many who, even in far distant places of which we know little, add their voices to ours, as we echo theirs, in calling for justice for all." (extract from the March for Justice website   )