Some comments by WSM on the Ruesta declaration of 1996


The WSM signed the Reusta declaration, this was the letter that accompanied our decision to sign. Some comments by WSM on the Ruesta declaration

September 1995

The Workers Solidarity Movement recognises the need for international co-operation among anarchists and libertarian socialists. Capitalism is an international system, organised on an international basis.

To combat it anarchists need international organisation. Such organisation would require agreement on major issues such as the role of anarchist organisations, activity within the trade unions and relations with the anarcho-syndicalists, how to combat racism and fascism, the type of struggle needed to advance the movement for women's freedom, how to relate to anti-imperialist conflicts. It would also need an agreed international strategy, the capability of fostering international debate among anarchists, and the ability to give aid to weaker sections or to those engaged in mass struggle.

In order to move towards the building of such an international organisation we welcome co-operation, discussion and debate with other anarchists and libertarians.

We place ourselves within the historic anarchist tradition. Anarchism has identified the goal we desire: a classless society where production is organised to satisfy needs and where people control their own lives in a truly free society. We do not wish to go 'beyond anarchism', there is no need. Anarchists have, of course, made mistakes but that is to be expected. The point is to learn from those mistakes and avoid repeating them, to grow and mature within the anarchist tradition.

It is in the interests of furthering debate and practical co-operation between anarchists and libertarians that we sign the declaration of the international libertarian conference, held at Ruesta in August 1995.

This article is from the Irish anarchist magazine Red & Black Revolution, issue 2, published in 1996