WSM Supports Direct Action Against RAYTHEON


On Wednesday August 9th anti-war protesters in Derry stormed into the local plant of US missile manufacturer Raytheon. They were protesting against the use of Raytheon technology by the Israelis and used by them for their attacks in Lebanon.After eight hours in occupation of the plant nine protesters were arrested by the PSNI and were charged with “Unlawful Assembly” and “Aggravated Burglary” when they appeared in court the next morning. Raytheon is claiming that £250,000 worth of damage was done.

A WSM statement expressed support for “the actions of the anti-war protestors who occupied and sabotaged American arms manufacturer Raytheon’s Derry offices. This is the latest is a long line of anti-war direct actions on this island ranging from sabotage of the weapons of war to blockading and invading the airports which facilitate imperialist armies.

”We support direct action as a valid tactic in attacking the war industry and hope that this Raytheon action serves as an inspiration to others, both nationally and internationally. We believe direct action can and must be used to shut down Shannon warport.

We call for all charges against these protestors to be dropped and call on all anti-war groups to stand in solidarity with their acts.”

From Workers Solidarity 93, Sept/Oct 2006

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