Choice Ireland

A history of the struggle for abortion rights in Ireland


A detailed history with photos of pro-choice struggles in Ireland from the 1980's to 2007 and the involvement of Irish anarchist in those struggles. Includes the 1983 referendum (and those in 1986, 1992 & 1995) as well as the X-Case, the D-case and the Women on Waves ship. Written by a participant in almost all (if not all) of the events described.

IMAGE: DAIC picket at Dail with the then illegal abortion information number

Report of Rally in support of "Miss D"


This morning, 30 people took part in a solidarity action supporting "Miss D" in her case to be allowed travel abroad for an abortion. The court case continues tomorrow. Rally on Saturday.

Anarchism and the WSM in early 2007


As well as taking part in local and national demonstrations in support of the Rossport residents, about 20 WSM members participated in the mass trespass of Shell's Mayo construction site on February 16th. This marks a step forward for the Shell To Sea campaign because it recognises that lobbying politicians is not enough, when you are continually lied to or brushed off you have to take action yourself.

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