Declaration of the 1995 Ruesta gathering of libertarian communists


In August 1995 an international gathering of libertarian communists took place in Ruesta, Spain. We present here the agreed declaration issued at the end of that gathering


Declaration agreed at the end of the libertarian conference held in Ruesta (August 1995)


This international meeting of libertarians held in Ruesta allowed anarchists, militants, sympathisers, libertarian socialists, libertarian communists, anarcho-syndicalists and revolutionary syndicalists to discuss our analyses of and methods of intervention in the social movements (i.e. the struggles against unemployment, sexism, imperialism, racism etc. and in the unions).

Discussions from different viewpoints also took place around ex-Yugoslavia and the rebellion in Chiapas. The debates showed there was a common wish to transform a world now dominated by many forms of oppression (Capitalism, imperialism & sexism). They also revealed differences in how we analyse and fight these oppressions.

Exploring these differences opens up a way for improving each group's understanding. It gave each organisation a chance to reflect on its practice and current position. The meeting was a small step forward in the construction of a new international political culture, one based on libertarian and revolutionary values. One also determined to bring together the oppressed to strengthen future revolts and struggles to create a new society.

This meeting is just a start. From it we drew up the following proposals and commitments.

1. In 1996 to hold a meeting to look at improving international co-ordination and collectivise discussions and interventions.

2. To translate our political texts & publish them in French, English and Spanish (at least).

3. To co-ordinate a large mobilisation (to include a counter-summit, demonstration and meeting) in Lyon, France, in June 1996, as part of the week of activity against the G71 summit.

4. To co-ordinate anti-sexist struggles. In particular to carry out solidarity actions with the Irish comrades in relation to the fight for divorce and abortion rights. To intervene in the fight of 3rd world and immigrant women and to prepare a common initiative for March 8th, 19962.

5. To campaign against nuclear weapons and in particular against the resumption of nuclear tests by the French government and against nuclear tests in China.

6. To actively support the march against unemployment planned for Autumn 1995 by parts of the Spanish union movement and unemployed associations.

7. Within two years to hold another libertarian conference, like the one at Ruesta but larger and with more ambitious objectives.

Report on the gathering

WSM letter on the declaration


1 Summit of the seven most powerful imperialist countries.

2 International women's day.


This article is from the Irish anarchist magazine Red & Black Revolution, issue 2, published in 1996