Double Magazine Launch


The RAG - Issue 2

Red and Black Revolution 13

RAG #2

Where? Isaac's Function Room,
MacCurtain Street (opposite the Metropole), Cork

When? 7pm, Saturday, 8th December.

The RAG - Issue 2
Magazine of the Revolutionary Anarcha-feminist Group

Articles include:

Gendered revolutions - feminism in the Spanish and Nicaraguan revoutions

Irish women in London - personal abortion stories

Feminism, class, and anarchism

Writing inspires change - feminist writers who inspire change

Red and Black Revolution 13


A System in Need of a Cure: an anarchist analysis of the Irish healthcare system

Turkey: Modernisation, authoritarianism and political Islam

Left Communism: Introductory Notes towards a Critique

Community Organising in Glasgow: A discussion with Praxis

Book Review: "The Price of Fire"

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