Dublin Bike Courier dispute 2001/2002


Back in 2001 - 2002, bike messengers in Cyclone Couriers in Dublin got a bit bolshie and began to get organised. Always a tricky industry to make headway in, we won a couple of pay rises and fought back the boss's attempt to reduce our working conditions.

One of the people centrally involved for the second struggle has written a personal account on her blog:

"Year 2001 2002 and working for Cyclone in Dublin – not quite the McDonald’s it has now become but already being steered that way. Although a good company to work for, good clients and enough of them, they did have the poor habit of trying to make the couriers out of their bonus whenever they could. And, of course, you had to wear a uniform. Which most of us didn’t really mind, we were new to the game and quite glad that the company provided the essentials, neon yellow tights and rain jackets and a plastic bag that would bang against your ankles as you cycled."
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