Dublin Shell to Sea Fundraiser

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Big krimbo fund raiser December 15th Shell to Sea Fundraiser

~ Traditional Music at the Cobblestone Pub

phone: 087 132 3369

Shell to Sea Fundraiser, Cobblestone Pub, Smithfield, D7, Thurs 15th December, 8pm, €12 / €10conc.

Shell to Sea Christmas Fundraiser,

Raffle prizes so good they can't be advertised

featuring: The Rossport Reel ~ Mick de Hoog ~ Mary Mullen ~ Other Guests to be announced!

For tickets phone / text 087 132 3369

e-mail dublinshelltosea@gmail.com

or drop in to Connolly Books; 7 Bloom Lane, off Ormond Quay

A fabulous night of traditional music and singing is planned for Thursday the 15th of December in Smithfield's Cobblestone Pub. Come along to support the Rossport 5. Funds raised will be put towards further campaign needs in the New Year. Above all it will be a great night for a get-together,