MANDATE members at Connolly Shoes Dun Laoghaire on strike


For the second time in six months, workers at Connolly Shoes Dun Laoghaire Co. Dublin, members of the Mandate trade union, have taken to the picket line.  The strike began on Tuesday 6th April following the dismissal of two workers.

The dispute has its origin in attempts by management last September to introduce short-time working. 

The workers on strike are getting great support and solidarity from members of the public.  The leaflet being handed out by the strikers reads as follows:

"Once again our members employed in the Connollys Shoe Stores in Dun Laoghaire have been left with no alternative but to take Industrial Action.  Strike action was suspended last autumn as it was believed that there was agreement on the basis on which the staff would work reduced hours.

Since then however management have:

  • Reneged on agreements with staff with regard to working a 3 day week by changing rosters and reducing hours without consultation.
  • Issued an ultimatum to certain staff insisting that they agree to work any roster issued by Management and perform any duties that Management deem necessary or else face dismissal.
  • Have now dismissed employees each with more than 30 years' service for not signing this document.
  • Have been found guilty of breaches of the Payment of Wages Act, but have refused to pay the compensation awarded to staff.
  • Continued to refuse to recognise Mandate Trade Union or to attend Labour Relations Commission or Rights Commissioners Hearings

Support the Workers in Connolly Shoes.  Please don't pass our picket!"

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